'General Hospital' Spoilers: An Enemy Threatens Sonny And Carly -- Will Jason Get Shot Trying To Protect Them?

A new General Hospital preview reveals that Sonny Corinthos is in serious danger once again from a past enemy who is set on getting revenge. It also shows that there are others who may in danger as well, including Carly. Jason Morgan is expected to show up on the island where Sonny and Carly will be headed to this week to warn them before something bad happens. Unfortunately, his life could be threatened as well.

In the sneak peek that was posted on social media by General Hospital, a man shows up on the island with a gun. Carly answers the door, and there is this mysterious person holding them at gunpoint. At the end of the clip, shots are fired. Sonny does struggle with the man, so the gun probably goes off during the fight. Unfortunately, someone may get hurt in the process.

General Hospital spoilers say that Jason saves the day, suggesting that he does head to the island and will be there to save Sonny and Carly's life. He will receive news that will alert him to the danger that his former boss is in and wants to warn him about it. Jason could get hurt while he is saving the day.

Sam has been having strange hallucinations lately, and it involves her husband. On Friday's episode of General Hospital, she looked up to see Jason with blood dripping down his face. That could suggest that it was more like a premonition that he is about to get hurt. Maybe Jason will hit his head during his attempt to save Sonny from this enemy. That could explain Sam's vision of her bloody husband.
Who is the person after Sonny? The mobster could have many people after him. His shady past always seems to catch up to him. Unfortunately, the people he loves are usually in the crossfire between him and his enemies.It will seem like old times if Jason Morgan is the one who saves Sonny's life. He has rejected that kind of life since he came back from the dead, but this could very well be the event to set things up for him to work for Sonny once again. However, Jason could find a totally different type of job. General Hospital spoilers hint that Jason will get a job offer, but it is doubtful that it comes from Sonny. Sam is expected to be happy about the offer, but Jason not so much. Sam would not be too thrilled about her husband working in the mob again.

Who is this enemy pursuing Sonny? Will Jason end up getting shot again? Sound off with your thoughts on this new General Hospital promo.

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