Jenni Rivera Presumed Dead After Plane Crashes In Mexico: Officials Say ‘No Survivors’

MONTERREY, Mexico — Multi-million selling singer Jenny Rivera is missing feared dead after scattered wreckage of the plane that she was travelling on was found in northern Mexico on Sunday.

Transportation and Communications Minister Gerardo Ruiz Esparza said in a statement that “everything points toward” it being the Learjet 25 carrying Rivera and six others (including the two pilots) from Monterrey en route to Toluca, Mexico.

Reutersreports that the US registered Learjet 25 went missing about 62 miles from Monterrey after taking off at 3:15 a.m. local time.

Rivera was on her way to Toluca in central Mexico following her performance at a concert in Monterrey on Saturday night.

Early reports of a missing plane have now morphed into a statement by Mexican authorities that there were “no survivors.”

Mexican-American superstar, Rivera, 43, and a mother of five has sold over 20 million albums worldwide and was the star in the reality show I Love Jenni — now entering its third season.

Today’s tragic news comes days after Rivera inked a deal to star in her own sitcom on ABC.

The sitcom — Jenni — would have also marked the return of leading Broadway producer Robert L. Boyett and Robert Horn. Both men were writing the series around Rivera and it would have showcased the singer as a positive Latina role-model juggling work, home and life.

Esparza told Mexican press that so little remained of the plane that he could not yet confirm Rivera’s death.

“This is what’s so regrettable, that it was so badly destroyed that there’s nothing recognizable,” he said.

A special investigation is now expected to follow in order to identify the remains of the plane and its passengers.