Milo Ventimiglia Talks 'This Is Us,' His Charmed Family Life, And Returning To 'Gilmore Girls'

Even though Milo Ventimiglia has been known, as of late, for This is Us, he ultimately became known to American audiences for his roles in Gilmore Girls and Heroes. Thanks to this, he's become an in-demand celebrity, and frequently sits down with different publications to talk about the past, present, and future.

He recently sat down with People Magazine to discuss these very things.

People's senior editor Jess Cagle sat down with Milo Ventimiglia not long ago, and they talked about his family life (he was a very loved boy growing up), but he drew the line at talking extensively about his personal life.

"I feel like there's a currency to your personal life and your performance — your acting, your work," he says. "If that personal life starts to outweigh what the work is, then your work suffers. Your actual performance suffers because the audience won't see the character, they'll see you. And then you're just playing yourself, but you're playing a version of yourself that's not yourself."
The actor went on to say that he "minimizes" his personal life for that very reason, as well. You can check out the full interview between the two men below.

Meanwhile, Milo Ventimiglia also weighed in on a very important issue for Gilmore Girls fans: who Rory's baby daddy is. According to Cinema Blend, Gilmore Girls fans have long believed that Rory (Milo's character) was Jess's baby daddy. However, when pressed on the issue, Milo said he wasn't sure, though he didn't rule it out as a possibility.
"Jess absolutely loved Rory still --- absolutely did. But it was also like the moment was passed. Or was it not? I don't know.... I didn't write the show, so I don't really know.' I just know that [creator Amy Sherman-Palladino] wanted me to look lovingly in the direction of Rory, played by the great Alexis Bledel, and I did. And fans are like, 'Oh my God, is it your baby?' I'm like, 'I don't know. It could be --- I don't think it is --- but it could be.'"
Milo went on to say that he wasn't sure if he would be returning to Gilmore Girls, and Amy Sherman-Palladino hasn't given any hints as to where his character is going in the new version of the show if he's going anywhere at all. It should be interesting to see how this plays out.However, Milo Ventimiglia is also getting in the news as of late for being just totally cool. The picture above shows a perfect example of this, according to Buzzfeed.

Milo was on a New York City subway when he met a Canadian couple, who just go by "Steve and His Lady," apparently.

Almost immediately, Twitter erupted with joy.

This is Us will return for its second season in the fall.

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[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival]