‘RHOC’ Star Lynne Curtin’s Troubled Daughter Alexa Sentenced To Time Behind Bars

Alexa Curtin, the 23-year-old daughter of RHOC star Lynne Curtin, is back in trouble with the law. This time, the judge has decided to teach her a lesson, and that means some time behind bars.

The problems Alexa Curtin faces at this time stem from crimes she pleaded guilty to back in 2015 and for which she is still on probation. Fans of the Real Housewives remember Lynne Curtin and her family from a few seasons ago as the people who had their home seized on camera as their marriage melted down. Lynne Curtin’s oldest daughter, Alexa, also has a pending matter against the police department.

But Lynne Curtin isn’t the only RHOC parent to deal with adult children and legal problems, as Lauri Peterson’s son Josh Waring is facing attempted murder charges and has a long history with drug addiction. Josh Waring is being held for trial for shooting Daniel Lopez, and authorities believe the shooting was drug motivated. Josh Waring has a history with heroin and was in and out of rehab when his mother, Lauri Peterson, was on RHOC. Sources close to the situation say that Lauri Peterson is aware that Josh is facing serious time behind bars.

At this time, Alexa Curtin is not facing the kind of time that Josh Waring might serve, but she has violated her probation, and for that, she is going to do 30 days in the county jail. The daughter of Lynne Curtin has probation issues leading back to her theft and assault and battery conviction in 2015 when she stole from Macy’s and, later that same day, attacked a woman only mentioned in court records as Jane Doe.

Last month, a judge overseeing the probation of Alexa Curtin claimed that she had violated her probation and sentenced her to 30 days behind bars and extended her probation to run through 2019. But things get even more complicated because after Alexa Curtin was arrested in 2015, she filed charges against the police claiming that they had sexually assaulted her back in 2014 during what she alleges was a routine traffic stop. The trial in this matter will happen later this year, but currently, there is no date available.

Some sources say that RHOC’s Alexa Curtin has a credibility problem, because she did not report the alleged crime in a timely matter and because she was also hiding her career in the adult film industry from her family, including her mother. Around the same time she says she was assaulted by an Orange County police officer, Lynne Curtain discovered that Alexa was making adult films under the name of Jayden Taylors in order to pay for plastic surgery. Lynne explained that she believed that Alexa was making good money modeling lingerie and was shocked when she found out about the daughter’s secret.

“When I found out that Alexa was involved in porn I became physically ill.”

Just before the alleged 2015 assault, Alexa Curtin had a few additional run-ins with the police, including public drinking and intoxication and several calls to her home for domestic violence.


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Jeremy Jass, the lawyer for RHOC star Alexa Curtin, says that Curtin did not file a police report back in 2014 or tell anyone for fear of retaliation.

“Alexa didn’t make a police report because she was concerned that she would suffer some retaliation from the department. She was afraid that the perpetrator would find out about the complaint and he could find out where she lived or what kind of car she drives and the license plate. She figured she wouldn’t be too hard to track down.”

Are you surprised that RHOC star Alexa Curtin is back in trouble? Were you as shocked as her mother about her adult movie past?

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