‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Will Deimos Die After An Altercation With Sonny?

Days of Our Lives spoilers are here for the week, and from the looks of it, fans better get ready for some serious drama. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Deimos might be meeting his maker sooner than we thought. As the Inquisitr reported, actor Vincent Irizarry is leaving soon, and because of that announcement, a lot of Days of Our Lives fans suspected that the role wouldn’t be recast.

Many think Deimos is going to wind up dead due to all the trouble he’s stirred up. Now that he’s a drug lord and slinging the powerful halo, it’s not too far-fetched that he would die on the popular soap. It would bring a lot of closure for multiple characters, which some Days of Our Lives fans are looking forward to.

Days of Our Lives spoilers point to Deimos’ rivalry with Sonny as the catalyst for his suspected death. It’s said that Sonny is adamant about Deimos paying for everything he’s done, especially when it comes to all the damage he’s caused with the street drug. Sonny has definitely taken his lumps before, and spoilers promise that he’ll suffer a few blows, but it’s nothing in comparison.

Spoilers state that the two men will finally have it out at the hospital and that’s where Deimos’ fate is likely to come into play. While we aren’t sure how the villain will die on Days of Our Lives, it’s suspected that his plan to seek out revenge on Sonny will be his ultimate downfall.

Another question about the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers is if Nicole will have an opinion on his death? As we know, Nicole is the last person Deimos was in love with, but she rejected him to focus on her baby, Holly. Odds are she’s going to be a little too preoccupied with her own situation to react much to his demise. As Days of Our Lives fans saw, Nicole was sentenced to community service as punishment for ignoring the justice system’s ruling and running off with her biological child.

The judge obviously wanted to come down harder on her, but it was Chloe who was sympathetic toward Nicole. It was a huge shock given that she almost lost baby Holly to her. Fans questioned whether Chloe was having second thoughts, and it seems like she is.

Days of Our Lives spoilers state Chloe is thinking about leaving Salem all together and moving to New York with baby Holly. However, it’s said that eventually, Chloe realizes that what Holly needs the most, above her own bond with her, is her biological mother. It’s not an easy road for these three, but it looks like this storyline is wrapping up.

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