Kylie Jenner Attacked After Calling Herself A ‘Normal Girl’

Kylie Jenner was attacked by fans after she claimed on Instagram that she and sister Kendall Jenner are just “normal girls.”

Jenner caused uproar on social media on June 18 after she posted a snap of herself and sister Kendall walking down a street in Los Angeles with their arms around each other, as fans went into attack mode over the star’s claims.

The photo, which has already gained more than 2.9 million likes over the past 16 hours, was inundated with comments slamming and attacking the reality star as they pointed out that teenager and her supermodel sister are anything but normal girls after Kylie claimed that they were just “normal girls in a normal world.”

“This world ain’t normal” Instagram user @Thinkingbieber hit back at Jenner, who announced earlier this month that she would be starring in her E! reality show, Life of Kylie.

“[You] mean rich girls,” @lolipop13 added in the photo’s comments section, while @shambhavi_akhawat slammed the star by calling her Instagram caption “Such BS.”

Instagram user @Justsal also chimed in on Jenner’s claims by asking the multi-millionaire makeup mogul in the comments to “define normal” in relation to her caption.

“Kylie: ‘I want to be treated like a normal person.’ Also Kylie: ‘I want a TV show,'” @BekahLaughsLots added and Twitter user @mannequin12332 posted a screen shot of the upload and asked, “What is normal to @KylieJenner?”

Kylie Jenner Attacked After Calling Herself A 'Normal Girl'
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It’s not clear if Kylie was being sincere or a little tongue-in-cheek with her caption, though notably, the 19-year-old and her supermodel sister are both pretty far from being average young adults.

Just last week it was confirmed that Jenner had raked in an eye-watering amount of cash over the past 12-months.

Marking her first time on the prestigious Celebrity 100 list – and the youngest celebrity on the list last year – Forbes confirmed that Kylie had made a staggering $41 million over the past year from her various business ventures, including her hugely popular makeup line and other endorsement deals.

Kylie Jenner slammed after calling herself & Kendall Jenner "normal girls" on Instagram
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Kylie’s latest social media drama comes just days after the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star caused yet another frenzy on social media.

Kim Kardashian’s littler sister posted a bizarre video to Snapchat on June 15 that showed her wearing a skin-tight tank top before she then decided to move the camera down and film her breasts during a car journey.

What do you think of Kylie Jenner’s off-base Instagram claims that she and sister Kendall Jenner are just “normal girls” as they spent some quality time together in Los Angeles?

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