‘General Hospital’ Star Emme Rylan Awaits Birth Of Baby, Gets A Little Help From BFF Kirsten Storms [Spoilers]

General Hospital actress Emme Rylan is about ready to give birth to her third child very soon. She is expecting a little girl and has been posting photos of her growing baby bump ever since she announced that she was pregnant back in December. Although all of her GH co-stars are thrilled for her, there is one person who has been helping her along, especially during these last few days before the baby’s arrival.

Kirsten Storms not only plays Emme’s BFF on General Hospital, but those two are good friends off screen as well. She has been helping Emme get ready for this new bundle of joy. While the expectant mom posts mostly pictures of her family on Instagram, Kirsten has been cracking people up with her photos and videos of them together, and they are hilarious. Rylan told ABC Soaps in Depth that she is enjoying this pregnancy, and it looks like she may just be enjoying it way too much.

Kirsten Storms is back on set after taking some time off from her role as Maxie Jones West on General Hospital, and she looks quite happy to be among her co-stars and best friends once again. She has also been very busy on social media. Rylan is due any day now and while she is patiently waiting to go into labor, her BFF has been spending some quality time with her.

The two actresses just recently passed the time waiting in the LA traffic by rocking out to their favorite tunes in the car. Emme, and her expanding baby bump, is seen behind the wheel, while Kirsten filmed their antics from the passenger seat. She posted the videos on social media for all to see.

It takes an hour to get anywhere in LA. This is how @emmerylan and I pass the time.

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Storms later posted on Instagram that they are on baby watch and included a photo of Rylan looking a little tired during her last few days before she has the baby. It was mentioned that her other two kids, sons Jackson and Levi, are now on summer vacation, so Kirsten is there for moral support. These two always seem to have so much fun together.

Rylan’s character on General Hospital, Lulu Falconeri, has also welcomed a daughter into her family, but it’s certainly not the traditional way. Charlotte Cassadine is actually her child with Valentin, not with husband Dante. Helena Cassadine had created the embryo using Lulu’s egg and his sperm without him knowing what she was doing. Valentin later stole it and used Claudette as a surrogate to carry his child. It’s a good thing Emme Rylan decided to create her third baby the old fashioned way.

Many General Hospital fans were hoping that Rylan’s real-life pregnancy would be written into her character’s storyline, but the writers chose to not do that. They had instead tried to hide her growing baby bump, at least for a while. Now you can definitely tell that she is pregnant, but still no baby for Lulu and Dante.

Stay tuned for more baby news from Emme Rylan, and maybe even more hilarious moments from the two General Hospital stars.

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