Jinder Mahal Accuses WWE Universe Of Racism After Beating Randy Orton At ‘Money In The Bank’

Last night saw Indo-Canadian WWE star Jinder Mahal retain his WWE Championship crown by beating Randy Orton on his home turf. During the SmackDown exclusive Money In The Bank PPV, Mahal pinned Orton to retain the championship, albeit with a little help from his friends, the Singh Brothers. Mahal’s latest victory continues his push on the WWE network. Mahal is triumphing over all-comers at the moment, as the WWE network continues to raise his profile, particularly on the Indian sub-continent.

As previously reported in the Inquisitr, The Maharajah struggled to make any impact during his previous stint with the WWE. Mahal returned to the independent wrestling circuit after being cut from the WWE roster in 2014 but returned to the WWE in 2016. When Mahal returned, defeats to Neville and Sami Zayn hardly suggested that he was on his way to champion status, but all that changed once WrestleMania 33 was over.

Randy Orton claimed the WWE Championship from Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania but lost his title to Mahal at the 2017 version of WWE Backlash. Money In The Bank, held in Orton’s hometown of Saint Louis, was his chance for revenge. Orton almost gained that revenge when he almost had Mahal pinned. As reported in Bleacher Report, the Singh Brothers intervened, pulling Mahal’s leg onto the rope, thereby spoiling Orton’s chance at a pin fall.

Jinder Mahal Racism
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Orton left the ring to deal with the Singh Brothers, allowing Mahal time to recover. When Orton returned to the ring, Mahal landed the Khallas and earned the pinfall, thereby retaining his WWE Championship.

Is The WWE Universe Racist? Jinder Mahal Thinks So

Many commentators have claimed that Mahal’s push is an attempt by the WWE network to strengthen their expansion into India and across Asia. It is claimed that the WWE wanted to give Indian wrestling fans someone they could identify with. His Indian heritage made Mahal the perfect candidate.

It has even been claimed that John Cena will return to SmackDown on July 4 to challenge Mahal to a championship match at the 2017 SummerSlam. According to Christian Post, Cena’s return to SmackDown on Independence Day is no accident. They claim that the date was chosen to allow Cena to set up an “American vs. foreign baddie” angle against Mahal.

Jinder Mahal Racism
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There may be something in that claim. The Mirror reports that Mahal cut an intense promo after his Money In The Bank win. Speaking on Talking Smack, Mahal claimed he is only booed “because of the color of his skin.” Mahal was certainly booed at Money In The Bank, and the arena echoed to the chants of “RKO,” Randy Orton’s signature move.

Using Mahal’s race, to set him up as a heel will doubtless make many people squirm, but it could be an interesting angle if used sensitively and positively by the WWE.

Do you think that the WWE universe hates on Jinder Mahal because of the color of his skin? Let us know in the comments below.

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