'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: 'BB19' Cast Revealed Early, Creates Additional Buzz On Twitter

Ryan DeVault

Big Brother 19 spoilers now include pictures of the new houseguests. The BB19 cast list has leaked early, giving fans a glimpse at the 16 houseguests who will be competing for the $500,000 prize this summer. A post on Twitter presents the 16 BB19 cast photos, allowing fans to start picking their favorites based on looks alone. That has been enough to put social media into a frenzy, making #BB19 one of the most popular items on Twitter.

The BB19 cast was revealed overnight, despite a prior announcement that it wouldn't come out until 6 a.m. PT on Monday (June 19). Following the release of the names and photos, CBS was set to then post the cast interviews, with former houseguest Jeff Schroeder introducing the new cast members. It wasn't expected that there would be additional Big Brother 19 spoilers before the cast interviews even got revealed.

If the early response from social media is a true indication, then fans of the show are very excited about the BB19 cast list. Many people are already picking who they think will emerge as the Big Brother 19 winner, with people purporting to be family members of the BB19 cast also seen posting to Twitter. With an entirely new cast for the first time in several years, have fans finally received houseguests that will make everyone excited?

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