‘Little People, Big World’: Zach Roloff’s First Moments With Baby Jackson Revealed

Zach Roloff’s first moments with baby Jackson were revealed by wife Tori in a cute Father’s Day picture on Sunday. The Little People, Big World star’s anxieties about being a father that fans saw on screen, had clearly vanished after the birth.

Zach had shared his anxieties about being a father on Little People, Big World for multiple reasons. First, after being told his son could have inherited the form of dwarfism he has. The Roloff family did not reveal before the birth if baby Jackson is an LP and kept fans guessing. That apart, on one of the episodes, Zach also appeared mortified at the prospect of having to cut the baby’s umbilical cord. Zach had said he would rather have a trained nurse do that, while Tori insisted he play his part as a father in the birth.

“I’m going to get my blood drawn, I’m going to push a baby out of my hoo-ha, I’m going to get an IV put into my hand, I’m going to get an epidural stuck into my back — you can cut the baby’s cord,” Tori reportedly said, according to People. It is not known if Zach eventually did cut the cord and what his thoughts were while doing that.

However, on Father’s Day, the Little People, Big World stars revealed in an image that it probably all went well for Zach and baby Jackson.

The Roloff family took to social media last month to announce the arrival of its first grandchild. Fans remained clueless about the baby’s stature as the Little People, Big World stars did not reveal immediately after birth if baby Roloff was an LP like his father. Zach Roloff was concerned on-camera about it during wife Tori’s pregnancy, though it is likely that he knew about his baby’s status. The Little People, Big World couple subsequently revealed their son has the same form of dwarfism as Zach, which in turn was passed down from his mother Amy.

Several members of the Little People, Big World clan have taken to Instagram to reveal their fondness for baby Jackson ever since his birth. Jacob Roloff, who walked away from the show two years ago to hit the road and is rarely seen with his family, has been liberal in letting LPBW fans know about his liking for the newborn. Incidentally, fans wished Jacob on Father’s Day when he posted a cute video of baby Roloff.

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]