Kandi Burruss Reunites With Xscape For A Four-Part Bravo Special

Kandi Burruss is reuniting with Xscape for a four-part special on Bravo. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of their debut album, Hummin’ at ‘Cha, Bravo has officially given the green light to the reunion special, called Xscape: Still Kickin’ It (working title).

According to Deadline, the four-part series will follow Xscape members Kandi Burruss, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, and sisters LaTocha and Tamika Scott as they try to put their past behind and reconcile after nearly being apart for two decades. The special ends with their performance at Essence’s 2017 Festival.

The R&B girl group dominated the music scene back in the ’90s. Before they announced the split, Xscape had three consecutive platinum albums and six Top 10 hits on the Billboard charts. Fans of the group have been calling for a reunion ever since.

In a statement, via Bravo, Xscape said that they are excited to give their fans an up-close-and-personal look into their lives, through the special, as they get ready for the Essence Festival.

“This process has been a whirlwind with so many ups and downs, but we are loving every minute of being back together, and cannot wait to share the love, laughs, and craziness with you all!”

In an interview with Essence, the group revealed that they only agreed to do a special after hearing than an outside party was going to release an unauthorized movie about Xscape. Kandi Burruss and the rest of Xscape felt that it was important that their fans hear the story from them, not from a couple of unreliable sources.

“Tamika [Scott] and I hadn’t communicated in a long time but, when I was expressing to Tiny how I felt about our story not being told right, she relayed the message to everybody else and it turned out that we were all on the same page,” Burruss revealed.


Contrary to reports, Scott also insisted that her feud with Burruss had nothing to do with Xscape splitting up. She explained that their beef happened after the group has already broken up. When they finally got the chance to sit down and talk, Burruss and Scott decided to put their differences aside, thinking that continuing their legacy was far more important than any misunderstanding they might have had.

“As adults and as businesswomen, we just put everything to the side to pick up the pieces and said we were gonna do this, do it right, do it for ourselves and for our families,” Scott said.


LaTocha also pointed out that they did not have a strong female figure to guide them when they were just starting in the music industry. Instead of fixing their problems, they ended up just giving up and walking away from the group. At that age, LaTocha said that everyone felt that it was better to walk away than attempt to find a solution. After years of being apart, she said that they definitely have a new-found appreciation for each other.

“Now that we’re women, we know how to fix it. I think separation brings on appreciation a lot of times and now we’re just appreciating each other and what we each bring to the table,” she said.

XScape: Still Kickin’ It is set to premiere this fall.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]