Boston Celtics Rumors: Danny Ainge Could Land PG13 And Gordon Hayward During NBA Offseason

Boston Celtics rumors now reveal that Danny Ainge could possibly land Paul George and Gordon Hayward during the NBA offseason. That news came about on Sunday (June 18), following an announcement by PG13 that he will be looking to leave the Indiana Pacers. A report by Celtics analyst and radio host Brian Robb states that the “math works” for the Celtics to be able to afford a trade for George and to sign Hayward during free agency.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Pacers are going to look to deal George quickly, moving up the timetable for any negotiations with the Celtics. There will be some stiff competition from teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers, especially if the Cavs were to offer a player like Kevin Love to close a deal. Adding Love, especially with his current long-term contract, might be a huge selling point for the Pacers.

For these Boston Celtics rumors to play out in a fashion that fans would enjoy, the team is going to have to give up a lot of draft picks to get it done. That may not require relinquishing the No. 3 overall selection in the 2017 NBA Draft, but it could require the Celtics to deal several future first-round picks as well as several second-round selections for this year.

A report by CBS Sports pointed out recently that Gordon Hayward’s daughter was wearing a shirt that had a shamrock and stated “Go Green” in a recent Instagram photo with his wife. This seemed like a heavy hint that Hayward was leaning toward signing with the Celtics in free agency and it was picked up immediately by fans and NBA analysts. While it may have just been a way to play with fans, it certainly got Celtics fans talking about the possibility of landing an All-Star small forward in Hayward.

Could Danny Ainge figure out a way to add All-Stars at shooting guard and small forward during the same NBA offseason? Would they mesh well with Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford on the same roster? It would certainly be a very expensive endeavor in future seasons, but adding PG13 and Hayward, while retaining most of the key components to this roster, might make the Celtics one of the favorites to win the Eastern Conference. These Boston Celtics rumors have the entire NBA buzzing and that might not slow down for the next week.

[Featured Image by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images]