'American Horror Story: Roanoke' Coming Back For An Encore

American Horror Story has been a hot button topic on social media now since summer started and there was no announcement for the theme at PaleyFest this year. But fans of the celebrated FX show by TV legend Ryan Murphy might be excited to hear about the latest news that has come down the pipe about AHS.

It appears as though the last season on American Horror Story, the Roanoke theme, will get something that all the other seasons have not had to date, which is a devoted sequel of sorts. The only exception to that would the various themes that oozed over into other elements of the franchise in the past, according to Entertainment Weekly. But for those AHS fans who think that it is coming back to FX this fall, then you would be mistaken.

It appears as though American Horror Story: Roanoke will be revisited in real life at a popular theme park, which is Universal Studios Hollywood for its annual Halloween Horror Nights event. Fans of the annual event have lauded the attraction, which has recently set the standard for high quality haunted attractions that many small cities will never see.

There have been some reports as to what the American Horror Story: Roanoke attraction will have that is unique to that particular season of the show, which will include a maze that seems to recreate the feel of the backwoods country in North Carolina that fans of the show saw the characters getting lost in.

The AHS: Roanoke attraction will also feature the cannibal family who offered up people as sacrifices to the evil entities that roamed the woods around the house. That includes the famous Butcher, who was played by actress Kathy Bates (twice removed as a character within a character).

But some fans of American Horror Story did not particularly like the Roanoke installment on the series, arguing that it broke too far away from the intrigue that made the AHS series famous to start with.

Last year, Universal Studios Hollywood used the Asylum, Freak Show, and Hotel installments for their annual Halloween event. What has not been used yet are the Murder House and Coven themes, which seemed to have the most mojo on American Horror Story this far.

[Featured Image by FX]