Donald Trump Nominates Democrat As FCC Commissioner

Donald Trump has recently displayed his willingness to stick to conservative party lines, but a new move by the U.S. President seems to go against his prevailing actions. That is not to say that Trump himself does not have any motives of his own, but he has nevertheless nominated, or rather re-nominated, a democrat to serve as a commissioner in the FCC.

As is the case with most presidents, Donald Trump is finally using a long-standing tradition of keeping FCC nominations bi-partisan, according to Deadline. As of right now, there are currently three commissioners serving at the FCC, two of which are republican and one democrat. There are also two vacancies, which most see as one for each party. That will end up leaving three republican and two democrats in charge of the media watchdog agency.

What is especially unique about the balance of power in the FCC is that there will likely be a battle brewing soon with all of the news about net-neutrality and how it will be enforced moving forward, or if there will even be a net-neutrality in the future.

So that is why it is essentially for proponents of net-neutrality to have a democratic voice in the FCC, which is why the nomination of democrat Jessica Rosenworcel is so important to those on the left.

For those who do not know who Jessica Rosenworcel, she has already served on the FCC commission from 2012 until January of this year. But Trump refused to re-nominate her in March. It appears as though he has gone back on that decision.

But there is also a downside to what's coming for the FCC. The other lone democrat currently serving as an FCC commissioner, Mignon Clyburn, has a term expiring later this month and it is suspected that Donald Trump will be filling that seat by nominating a conservative to the post, which will obviously shift the balance of power.

There are some highly controversial matters that the FCC is expected to take up soon, which includes the reclassification of the internet that will essentially remove the FCC from oversight of the public spectrum. What happens here is that net-neutrality can no longer be enforced by the FCC.

In an effort to deprive the FCC of a quorum for such debate, Clyburn could essentially choose to leave the FCC under anticipation that Trump will not re-nominate the commissioner.

[Featured Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]