‘Monday Night Raw’ Spoilers: Roman Reigns’ Huge Announcement, Samoa Joe Rules, And Tag Team Division Chaos

As the superstars of SmackDown Live battled it out at Money In The Bank, the superstars of Monday Night Raw prepared for a big show of their own. WWE really needs to do something in order to pick up the ratings and that is especially true for their flagship show, but it may not happen this week. Brock Lesnar won’t be there and the biggest news of all is left in the hands of Roman Reigns and whatever his SummerSlam announcement is going to be.

The official website of WWE released their preview for this week’s episode of Raw and it doesn’t look as if they even really know much of what will happen. Everything is resting on the opening segment, and it needs to be great to set a good pace for the night.

Roman Reigns to make SummerSlam announcement Monday night

Due to Reigns not really having much of anything to do right now, he is going to make a big announcement for SummerSlam on Monday night. There isn’t much known as to what it will be about, but PW Mania reports that it could be him challenging the winner of Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe from their match at Great Balls of Fire.

Not sure what gives him the authority to make matches, but who are we to judge?

Does Samoa Joe have Brock Lesnar’s number?

Samoa Joe punked out Paul Heyman a couple of weeks ago and last week, he not only held his own with Brock Lesnar but got the better of him at times. Lesnar is not going to be on this week’s episode of Raw, but you can bet that Samoa Joe will deal damage to someone.

This feud could be the saving grace for WWE right now.

wwe monday night raw spoilers roman reigns summerslam announcement samoa joe

Can Bayley get back into the Raw Women’s Title picture?

Ever since losing her Raw Women’s Title to Alexa Bliss, Bayley has been virtually nonexistent from the championship chase completely. It is obvious that what she has been doing hasn’t been working, but WWE is hinting that she may need to change her style and views if she wants to be successful.

What’s next for the Raw Tag Team division?

After winning back the Raw Tag Team Titles from the Hardy Boyz, Cesaro and Sheamus were able to retain the titles last week on Monday Night Raw. Matt and Jeff Hardy won’t just get another title shot, but then, who is going to step up and try to take the belts from the worldly tag team?

There are many teams who will want to take their shot but will it be The Revival? Maybe, Enzo Amore and Big Cass?

wwe monday night raw spoilers roman reigns summerslam announcement samoa joe

Can “The Man” stand up to a “god”?

Seth Rollins has a huge announcement to make on Monday morning, but he’ll have to deal with Bray Wyatt by the end of the night. He may have earned the named of “The Kingslayer,” but Wyatt doesn’t believe that Rollins has the ability to take down a god.

Monday Night Raw needs to do something big and something fast if they’re going to get out of this ratings hold they have fallen into. As a matter of fact, WWE has seen huge viewership drops all around in the last two months, and they need a jolt in a hurry. Brock Lesnar not being on the show this week won’t help any, but there could be enough people tuning in for Roman Reigns’ big SummerSlam announcement to help out.

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