Kim Zolciak Shares Hardly Recognizable Modeling Photo Of Teen Daughter Ariana Biermann

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak gave fans a glimpse of her daughter's modeling looks, and the teen is hardly recognizable in the photo.

Zolciak shared Ariana's modeling photo with her 2.5 million followers as she simply stated "Hey, pretty face." Kim's followers had mixed reactions to seeing the 15-year-old's photo as they left comments on the post.

One Instagram user commented on the photo as they said Ariana has changed a lot, but still looks natural.

"She sure has changed. She is beautiful. Looks all natural. Gorgeous."
Other's commented on how grown Biermann is now compared to when first seeing her on RHOA.
"I blinked and she grew up."
In January, Bravo reported on Ariana's look as the site claimed fans wouldn't recognize the teen after her makeover. In fact, it seems the image Kim posted may be a throwback photo from this makeover.

The site stated Ariana is looking more and more like older sister Brielle every day, and it seems to be true as the teen posts selfies on social media.

Ariana does seem to be taking after 20-year-old Brielle as she continues to flaunt similar looks. Of course, both girls look a lot like mom Kim as they show off fuller lips and long blonde hair.

Kim has publicly discussed the plastic surgery procedures she's had done as well as her love of wigs. It seems Ariana has embraced this lifestyle as she showcases a plump pout in her latest photos. Zolciak took her entire family on a trip to Turks and Caicos earlier this month where Ariana flaunted her new look in several selfies.

However, some of Ariana's 361,000 followers did not seem to support her look as they commented on a post she shared. Some said the teen is wearing too much makeup, while others questioned if she had lip injections.

"Wow! I can't believe she's injecting herself so young and altering her appearance."
Other commenters defended the teenager's more mature appearance as they said lip fillers are not a big deal and don't qualify as plastic surgery. Some fans even told her she's perfect and not to listen to the haters.
"Can't get over how rude people are."
Not all of Ariana's selfies feature heavy makeup and glam as she shares more natural selfies from her recent vacation. Her followers seemed to appreciate her natural beauty as they called her gorgeous and told her not to rely on plastic surgeries like her mom and older sister.

One Instagram user even said Ariana is the prettiest sister as they compared her to Brielle.

"You're the prettiest sister for sure. I hope you don't do anything to change that pretty face."
While that may be up for debate amongst fans, there is no denying Ariana has certainly grown up since first appearing on the Bravo series.

[Featured Image by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]