Barron Trump A Fashion Icon? ‘The Expert’ T-Shirt Knockoff Seen On Amazon, See His Latest Look

Last week, Barron Trump was spotted wearing a plain blue shirt with the words “The Expert” written on. The 11-year-old probably did not mean to strut as a fashion icon as he, with the FLOTUS and the POTUS Donald Trump, visited Camp David, but apparently, many look to him for fashion advice.

A day after being photographed with the shirt, the retailer J. Crew has now run out of stocks of the $30 clothing item, Good reports. Reports credited Barron for the shirt’s boost in popularity and while it will not be back on the shelves anytime soon, knockoffs started appearing online, like the $18.99 shirt on Amazon that reads “The Expert” albeit with a different style and color scheme.

Barron Trump might soon follow after his mother, Melania Trump, who started modeling at age 5. The day that the First Family was photographed at Camp David, the FLOTUS was dressed in Dolce & Gabbana, further pushing the belief of some people that the fashion brand in indulged in politics. The president was in his usual business attire with a blue tie to match his son’s shirt.

As of now, though, the child still clearly enjoys donning casual wear and following the trend, as evidenced by the fidget spinner he was playing with as they stepped out of the helicopter. His latest look? A white soccer outfit with red knee-high socks.

Barron Trump sports a soccer look

Barron Trump Memes

Not only did Barron Trump accidentally become a fashion icon with his shirt, he also became meme material for the Twitter users. Some lighthearted jokes were shared over on the social media platform, with most usually targeting Donald Trump.

And although people seem to make jokes about Trump’s family in general, Barron might have the biggest number of defenders and sympathizers. Granted, the child has not yet done anything to earn the ire of the masses and most importantly, he is still an 11-year-old child who deserves to be respected despite what people think of his father.

According to Heavy, even the former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton called for giving Barron Trump a chance to be a kid. It is harder for him to live in the negative spotlight on his mother and father, but he has proven to be capable of relating to his peers, such as being bored to death in a formal event.

Barron Trump is your average 10-year-old kid

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/Getty Images]