Sony’s Stand-Alone ‘Venom’ Movie May Be In The Same Universe As ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ After All

When a stand-alone Venom movie had finally been confirmed by Sony, everyone was excited but a bit disappointed that it wouldn’t be in the same universe as Spider-Man. That actually makes sense though as Peter Parker/Spider-Man is currently with Marvel Studios while Venom will be strictly Sony but things may have changed. Now, it seems as if Venom and the Black Cat movies have a good possibility of being in the same world as Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Just a few days ago, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed that the TomHardy-starring Venom was not in the MCU and that it would be in its own universe, according to Screen Rant. This disappointed a large number of fans who made their feelings known and it appears as if Marvel and Sony were truly listening.

Feige called it a “Sony project” and that seemed to be the end of it. Well, things have now changed as he and Sony Pictures head Amy Pascal recently told FilmStarts by way of Comic Book Resource. While promoting Spider-Man: Homecoming, Pascal actually revealed that Tom Holland’s version of Peter Parker will be in the same universe as Venom and Silver & Black.

When asked about the upcoming Marvel movies that Sony will be developing, Pascal let the bomb drop during the interview.

“Well those movies will all take place in the world that we are now creating for Peter Parker. They’ll be adjuncts to it, it may be different locations but it will still all be in the same world, and they will be connected to each other as well.”

Collider references the idea that this is quite confusing considering that Sony has been adamant that their new films would not be in the same world of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. While Pascal is speaking, Feige does have a strange look on his face and then, he gives a sly smile at the end of it all.

This wasn’t a true confirmation that the movies will crossover in any shape or fashion, but Pascal does continue and reveal that “chance” is there.

“There’s a chance [that Peter Parker will appear]. There’s always a chance. I think one of the things that Kevin has done with Marvel that was so brilliant is by bringing the fans along and making each movie seem like a chapter in a book, that you have to read that chapter in order to go forward. And I think the investment that the fans get to feel in being a part of a larger story and understanding what’s happening, I think is something that I know Sony would want to emulate.”

It needs to be remembered that Sony’s Venom and Silver & Black are not in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but they may be connected. There is a huge difference there, but Sony and Marvel Studios may come together again with a possible deal similar to the one that saw Spidey on loan.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming is set to hit theaters next month and as Tom Holland recently revealed, there will actually be a trilogy in that franchise. Now, things are getting even more exciting with Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal revealing that Venom and Silver & Black will be in the same universe/world. Sony and Marvel Studios appear to have developed a pretty good working relationship and it makes sense to continue something that is truly profitable.

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