June 18, 2017
Alex Jones New Video Doesn't Say He's Sorry: Alex Jones 'Father's Day Message' To Sandy Hook's Newtown Parents

Megyn Kelly's new NBC has gained more backlash than expected after news of Megyn interviewing Alex Jones on Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly began to go viral when the below interview snippet was released, as reported by the Inquisitr. Jones runs InfoWars, as well as hosting The Alex Jones Show. But it's Alex's comments surround the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy that took the lives of 26 children and adults that have brought plenty of heat Jones' way.

The scheduled interview between Megyn and Alex is scheduled to air on Father's Day, on Sunday, June 18. However, prior to the interview being aired, Jones released the below interview, titled "Alex Jones Father's Day Message To Newtown Families" on the YouTube channel named "The Alex Jones Channel," which has more than two million subscribers as of this writing. The video, which is a statement from Alex to parents who lost their children in the Sandy Hook massacre, is a little more than one minute long and quickly gained thousands of views.

With an offer of Jones' "sincere condolences" to those parents, it is being noted that Alex does not say he is sorry for positing the theory that the Sandy Hook tragedy was a "Sandy Hoax" created by the government in order to take away gun rights.

"Parents should never have to bury their own children."
Alex went on to claim that those grieving parents should contact Jones and "open a dialogue...instead of letting the MSM [mainstream media] misrepresent things and really try to drive this nation apart."
As reported by BuzzFeed, Alex has called Sandy Hook a "total hoax" for a long time. The decision to offer Jones a wider platform via Megyn's interview has caused one Connecticut NBC network TV station to not air the interview. Alex has been back and forth about the tragedy, in January 2013 calling Sandy Hook an event that pointed towards it being a staged tragedy. After backlash, Jones claimed that his comments were out of context, and Jones changed his theory, stating that he believed people really died in the Sandy Hook killings, but that he believed the tragedy was somehow coordinated to happen.
As reported by the Guardian, Jones claimed that Sandy Hook was "completely fake, with actors." Because of such rhetoric, Jones is being blamed for plenty of the harassment that parents of Sandy Hook children have received, including death threats. Just like in the past, Jones told Megyn that his talk about Sandy Hook being a fake tragedy was Alex playing devil's advocate.
Since the controversy has erupted over Jones' interview, Alex has released claims that he taped his whole interview with Kelly, and leaked a video wherein Megyn allegedly tells Alex that her interview won't be a hit piece on him.
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