June 18, 2017
Cynthia Nixon Says She Wishes She Didn't Get Her 'Sex And The City' Emmy From Trump

Cynthia Nixon's breakout role was also the role that first gave her an Emmy Award. Nixon's long-running role as Miranda Hobbes on HBO's Sex and The City earned her an Emmy in the show's final season—the first acting Emmy won by anyone on the ensemble cast. At the time Cynthia said she was "flabbergasted" and actually thought co-star Kim Cattrall was more deserving of the win for best supporting actress in a comedy series, but 13 years later she says she has one real regret about that big moment.

In an interview with Variety, Nixon said that she actually got the coveted acting award from Donald Trump. At the time, the 45th U.S. President was the host of the brand new reality show The Apprentice. In what seems like a Twilight Zone moment now, Trump and American Idol judge Simon Cowell presented the Emmy to Cynthia Nixon at the 2004 primetime Emmy Awards ceremony.

"Do I wish I had gotten my Emmy from somebody else?" Cynthia said to Variety. "Yes, I do. Absolutely I do. But, it's not like he picked me. He just passed off the trophy."

At the time, the Trump factor didn't put a total damper on Cynthia Nixon's night. Nixon described the evening "triumphant" because Sex and the City had been on for six years and no one from the show, which also starred Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Kim Cattrall, had ever won an acting Emmy for their work on the series.

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Four years later, when Cynthia won the guest actress in a drama Emmy for an episode of Law & Order: SVU, it wasn't shown in TV.

"[It's] different when you win as a guest, because it's not presented at the regular awards," Cynthia explained to Variety. "I guess I learned that this very rarefied world of not only being nominated for awards, but also winning them, is not only for other people. Sometimes, if you're very lucky and work very hard it can be for you, too."

Cynthia Nixon played working mom/attorney Miranda Hobbes for six seasons on SATC, from 1998-2004. Nixon later reprised the role in the 2008 and 2012 big screen movies Sex and the City and Sex and the City 2.

Interestingly, Donald Trump once made a cameo on Sex and the City. The New York-set show was the perfect place to spot the then-businessman, although his short scene wasn't with Nixon. The sSason 2 episode was titled "The Man, the Myth, the Viagra" and the Donald's 20-second appearance took place in a bar, where Samantha Jones (Cattrall) stopped for a drink.

But even with that SATC cameo on his resume, Cynthia Nixon doesn't seem to be a fan of the current president. Last week, Nixon seemingly called out Trump during her Tony Awards speech after winning best featured actress in a play for her role in Lillian Hellman's "The Little Foxes." According to the New York Post, Nixon said the story of a family trying to get rich is "eerily prescient."

"Eighty years ago (Hellman) wrote, 'there are people who eat the earth and eat all the people on it and other people who just stand around and watch them do it,'" Cynthia said during her acceptance speech."My love, my gratitude and my undying respect go out to all the people in 2017 who are refusing to just stand and watch them do it."

Nixon also spoke out against Trump at a Stonewall Inn rally in February, saying the LGTB community needed to "fight hard" against Donald Trump, saying, "We don't know what he has in store for us, and chances are he doesn't either."

You can see Cynthia Nixon getting her Emmy from the future president below.

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