Model Y News: This Might Be How The Crossover EV Might Actually Look Like

The Tesla Model Y had existed in the rumor mill long before its first preview image was released. Just recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the first official teaser image for the upcoming crossover SUV, and it managed to get the whole EV community extremely excited. While the existence of the Model Y’s official teaser photo is already a welcome update to the development of the vehicle, a noted graphic artist has taken the unveiled concept a step further, creating what could very well be the closest, most accurate portrayal of the Model Y to date.

The Model Y concept was created by Peisert Design graphic artist Jan Peisert, who based the vehicle’s overall look from the EV maker’s recently released teaser image, as well as design cues from Tesla’s existing vehicles, the Model 3 and Model X, according to a Teslarati report. Using many nifty Photoshop tricks, Peisert was able to adopt the Model X’s flared stance and the Model 3’s front fascia to come up with the overall design of the Model Y concept. These, coupled with the outline provided in the teaser image for the upcoming crossover EV, resulted in a pretty clear picture of what the Tesla Model Y might actually be like.

One thing that Peisert did not adopt in his Model Y concept, however, was the lack of mirrors in Tesla’s recently released teaser image. When the Model Y teaser was unveiled, many Tesla fans immediately noticed that the outline of the crossover EV did not include any side mirrors, which was a curious design choice, to say the least.

This, in turn, fuelled numerous speculations, ranging from rumors alleging that the Model Y would be fully autonomous, to inferences stating that the upcoming vehicle would adopt an all-camera approach to its sensors. Peisert, for his part, opted to add side mirrors in his Model Y concept, and it rounded off the vehicle’s look pretty well, according to a report from The Express.

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The Tesla Model Y is expected to begin development as soon as the production of the Model 3 is well underway. According to the EV maker, the company is aiming for the Model Y to be launched within the next two to three years. By this time, Tesla expects autonomous driving technology to have fully matured. If this does happen, the Model Y teaser image’s lack of side mirrors would actually make sense.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is quite optimistic about the Model Y, stating that he expects the vehicle to be just as, if not more popular than the mass-market Model 3. Pricing for the Model Y remains unknown, though the crossover EV is expected to cost higher than the Model 3 but lower than the Model S.

[Featured Image by Tesla]