Model 3 News: Tesla Attempts Yet Another Pre-Owned Model S Push As New M3 Interior Images Emerge

The Tesla Model 3 has been so successful in its pre-order phase that the EV maker has seemingly taken it upon itself to encourage as many customers as possible to buy its other vehicles instead. Amid rumors that the Model 3 would be the halo vehicle for the company once it launches, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has assured customers that the Model S would remain a superior vehicle, being the EV-maker’s flagship unit. Recently, Tesla has renewed its efforts in pushing the Model S over the Model 3, with Musk stating that customers waiting for the new EV might be better off getting a pre-owned Model S instead.

While the Model S starts far above the Model 3’s price range, its pre-owned offerings are actually quite affordable, with some units selling for as low as $41,500. Considering that the starting price of a base variant Model 3 is expected at $35,000, a pre-owned Model S costing just $6,500 more definitely seems like a better deal. Unlike the Model 3, the Model S is created to be the EV-maker’s flagship vehicle, and that makes quite a lot of difference. Elon Musk reiterated this point in a recent meeting with Tesla’s shareholders, according to GreenCarReports.

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“Maybe somebody wants to buy a Model S for $35,000, $40,000,” he said, “and they can have that today. And then when the Model 3 comes in, they can switch out to the Model 3, if they want. Model S is still going to be — because it’s more expensive car, bigger, there is more room for bells and whistles. It’s still going to be our premium car.”

The prices of pre-owned Model S units can definitely go as low as the Model 3’s price range. However, it is pertinent to note that many of Tesla’s second-hand vehicles have some strings attached. For one, many of the EVs in the pre-owned list have already logged in more than 50,000 miles. Apart from this, the cheapest vehicles on the list belong to the class of EVs that do not have Autopilot yet. Considering that the Model 3 would have full Autopilot features, this is something that any potential pre-owned Model S buyer should keep in mind.

As for the Model 3, the official rollout of the highly anticipated vehicle could not come any earlier, with sightings of production-ready prototypes being reported almost every day. Just recently, an eagle-eyed Tesla fan has posted a number of high-resolution photos of the Model 3’s interior in Reddit. Needless to say, the vehicle’s cabin looks pretty great, with a clean, minimalist structure dominated by a hefty touch console in the middle.

The Model 3 is expected to begin mass production within the next few weeks, with deliveries set to begin soon after. Pricing for the base Model 3 is expected to start at around $35,000, before tax incentives, when applicable, are applied.

[Featured Image by Tesla]