Latest News Regarding Paige's In-Ring Return

Paige hasn't been featured on WWE programming since before the WWE Draft back in July of last year. It's been roughly a year since she made an appearance on WWE television, but the interesting thing is the fans have had plenty to talk about with all the drama surrounding her over the past year while she's been away. A lot of people are still wondering if her WWE career will continue base on everything that's happened to her.

She has been off of WWE programming for the last year because of a serious neck injury and suspensions as a result of violating the WWE Wellness Policy twice. There have also been consistent pregnancy rumors, and the entire sex tape scandal has just created a mess of her reputation with the WWE Universe. At this point, it seems wrestling fans have been talking about Paige doing anything other than wrestling for the past year.

Paige Hasnt Been Fired From WWE For One Specific Reason
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However, Paige is still contracted with WWE through 2019. The expectation is she will be making her long-awaited return to the squared circle sooner rather than later. That has been the case for a few months now, but it's being reported that her return is actually happening soon. The most obvious goal would likely be for a big return at WWE Summerslam in August, but there is no timetable for Paige's return to the WWE ring.

The former WWE Divas Champion took to social media to confirm that she's setting her sights on her return to the ring after getting back her final x-rays after her neck surgery. Paige's WWE comeback is underway. It will be a redemptive return to WWE because she's still very much in the minds of the fans, who showed a lot of support through her recovery and scandal from a few months ago. Paige is guaranteed for a babyface run.

Paige Has Nudes Leaked This Weekend
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The biggest issue Paige will have during her transition back onto WWE programming is finding a spot. The WWE Universe will support her, but she hasn't wrestled since before the WWE Draft. A lot has changed in the last year. Paige may have been drafted to Raw, but it's unclear if WWE officials still feel that is the right brand for her to go to after her return. The powers that be may decide she's a better fit on SmackDown.

WWE officials are unlikely to rush her back into the Women's Title picture no matter which brand she's put on, but the hope is that Paige can become a strong part of the Women's division again because she was very important to the progress women have made on WWE programming over the past few years. Hopefully, the last year can be forgotten, and Paige can get back into the ring to do what she does best.

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