Taylor Swift’s Stalker Claims He Works For Her Rival

Taylor Swift has had a pretty scary run-in with a stalker by the name of Mohammed Jaffar, who has been accused of jumping onto her New York City penthouse and calling her management company 59 times in a row to ask about business details for working with the music superstar.

The alleged stalker has been interviewed several times by detectives to curb his behavior and ensure that he doesn’t pose a threat to Taylor Swift or anyone else. However, it has been revealed that in March, he made a few pretty ridiculous claims, including one that he works for Taylor Swift’s rival, Katy Perry.

Jaffar claims he has ties to the music industry, and on March 6, he reportedly told detectives that he helps people in the music business get started. He claims he was how Katy Perry got her start in the music world, though he hasn’t specified exactly how he thinks he got her career to launch.

Jaffar has tweeted Taylor Swift many times during the course of his tenure as her alleged stalker, telling her he wants to meet up with her to have sex (though he coded the words in the best way he knew how) and claimed that one of her security guards prevented him from delivering candy hearts to her.


Mohammed Jaffar was arrested on March 6, where he revealed his “secret ties” to Katy Perry. The final straw that got him thrown in the clink came when he not only climbed on her roof but resorted to ringing the buzzer to her apartment for an hour straight. He did leave for a few minutes, only to return to continue doing so for another 45 minutes.

He was arrested and held on a $20,000 bond for his obsession with the blonde superstar.

The news that Mohammed Jaffar believes he works for Katy Perry is rather ironic, considering that Katy Perry has recently announced that she and Taylor Swift have feuded with one another for quite a while. Perry admitted that her new song, “Swish Swish” had a few digs to poke at the “Shake It Off Singer,” but Perry says she now forgives Taylor.


[Featured Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]