Queen Elizabeth Rudely Challenged By Prime Minister Theresa May: Cancels 2018 Queen's Speech Tradition

Everyone wished Queen Elizabeth a happy birthday twice in 2017, but it is clear that there is no way she could have had any type of fun with the large number of tragedies happening around her kingdom.

Adding to this, she is also getting a lot of shade from a very unpopular prime minister named Theresa May that is going out of her way to be rude to Queen Elizabeth.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Queen Elizabeth typically spends her birthdays doing something fun. Her first birthday is in April, and Queen Elizabeth spent the day watching racehorses.

Queen Elizabeth typically spends her second "official" birthday giving out knighthood honors to worthy subjects that make the British Empire proud.

Despite this, there have been comments in the press that allege Queen Elizabeth feels this is one of the worst second birthdays on records.

Namely, right before her second birthday was celebrated on June 11, Queen Elizabeth was paying her respects to the victims of the Manchester concert bombing that involved fans of Ariana Grande.

Following this, the tragedy at the Grenfell Tower apartment complex claimed the lives of over 70 people, and Queen Elizabeth was in mourning with the rest of her kingdom.

 Queen Elizabeth will give out her Birthday Honors List 2017 on June 11.
Queen Elizabeth typically gives out honors for knighthood on her second birthday. [Image by Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images]

According to a June 18 report from Mirror, the death toll at Grenfell is currently 58, and as many as another 50 may be reported dead in the future.

As if the mood was not sorrowful enough, Queen Elizabeth recently paid homage to the police officer that lost his life protecting Parliament and the public.

According to Reuters, a police officer named Keith Palmer gave his life protecting others during a late March vehicular homicide terrorism attack at Westminster Bridge.

While Queen Elizabeth pays respects to the victims of Manchester, Grenfell, and the hero of the Westminster Bridge tragedy, another storm is brewing with Prime Minister Theresa May.

Unfortunately, Prime Minister Theresa May has been losing a lot of popularity lately, and her cancellation of Queen Elizabeth's speech is seen as a tactic for the PM to retain power.

Queen Elizabeth April 21, 2017 birthday.
Queen Elizabeth's first birthday was in April. [Image by Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images]

According to a June 17 report from Telegraph, Theresa May canceled the 2018 Queen's Speech as a way to "smooth the path for Brexit reforms."

This means that instead of waiting for her session to take off at the traditional time, Prime Minister Theresa May will be launching her renewed reign on Wednesday, June 21.

Cancelling Queen Elizabeth's speech is also a convenient way for Prime Minister Theresa May to smooth over the fact that she lost the majority vote, according to Telegraph.

This is especially true since "by cancelling the 2018 Queen's Speech, Mrs May removes a vote that could have bought down her Government from the diary."

[Feature Image by Peter Nicholls/WPA Pool/Getty Images]