Roswell Incident Update: 'Expert' Obtains 'Top Secret' Documents Proving Aliens Crashed In New Mexico

Lawrence Arboleda

The Roswell incident in New Mexico back in 1947 is the most compelling and most-talked about UFO sighting ever reported, and Daily Star reports that a UFO 'expert' has claimed to have in her possession "ultra secret" leaked government documents proving that the UFO crash did happen.

Heather Wade, a paranormal expert and radio talk show host, claims that she obtained a top secret US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document from an unnamed source. The DIA document, she says, contains a detailed report on how the UFO crashed in New Mexico.

On June 2, 1947, the U.S. Air Force announced in a press release that a flying saucer crashed on a ranch in Roswell. Before long, the military retracted its statement, claiming that the UFO was just a crashed air balloon.

Ms. Wade says that the leaked government documents in her possession show proof that the U.S. government has not been telling the entire truth about the Roswell incident.

The said document describes four decaying alien bodies found two miles from the crash site a week later after the Roswell incident was reported.

"Aerial reconnaissance discovered that four small human-like beings had apparently ejected from the craft at some point before it exploded. These had fallen to earth at least two miles east of the crash site where the wreckage was located. All of the four alien crew members were dead and badly decomposed," the supposed leaked document states.

Additionally, the DIA contains a detailed report of alien technologies that had been studied by renowned scientists Dr. Robert Oppenheimer and Dr. Vannegar Bush.

A statement on the site for Heather Wade's radio show, Midnight in the Desert, claims that the DIA report was obtained from a trusted source. However, the name of the source has not been revealed.

The radio host said she submitted the DIA report to Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist and Roswell investigator.

British UFO investigator Nick Redfern, however, dismissed Wade's Roswell documents as fake, adding that the timing of the reveal was suspicious owing to the Roswell incident's 70th anniversary occurring next month.

For over 20 years, residents of Roswell, as well as thousands of truth seekers and UFO enthusiasts from around the world, have been commemorating the "Roswell UFO Crash" annually on the alleged crash site. According to Roswell UFO Festival, the 70th Anniversary Roswell UFO Festival will have more than 30 speakers discussing their theories about UFOs and aliens in general.

Do you think Wade's supposed "top secret documents" about the Roswell incident show real proof that aliens exist? What are your own theories about the subject? Sound off in the comments section below.

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