Should Roman Reigns Be The Face Of Wrestling? Experts, Sites Weigh In

Roman Reigns is nothing if not a controversial figure in the world of wrestling, whether for the right reasons or the wrong ones. Now, many sites are coming out with speculation about him, and they’re now suggesting that he should be the “face” of wrestling (whether in the literal sense — as Hulk Hogan and The Rock once were — or in the figurative sense — as in a “babyface” versus a “heel”).

According to the Christian Post, part of the talk about Roman Reigns becoming the new “face” of wrestling is the fact that he’s rumored to be on the cover of the upcoming video game, WWE 2K18. What’s more, many wrestlers are scheduled to get an “upgrade” in the new version of the game, which is set to come out on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

“Meanwhile, several wrestlers are speculated to get an upgrade in ‘WWE 2K18.’ One of which is Braun Strowman, who has shown improvement in his wrestling performance in recent matches. Strowman’s recent feud with Roman Reigns showed how capable a fighter he really is, and there are even rumors that he is eyeing a fight with Brock Lesnar next.”

Despite the upgrade that Braun Strowman plans on getting, Roman Reigns is still slated to be the poster boy for the new version of the game. So much for the theory that the Roman Empire is faltering!

Meanwhile, according to Forbes, Roman Reigns has said that he will be making a SummerSlam announcement on the next episode of Monday Night Raw (which will be airing tomorrow), and the outlet believes one thing we can be certain of is, despite perhaps the fan’s wishes, Reigns and The Face That Runs The Place will not be facing off against one another.

“WWE has revealed that Roman Reigns will make a ‘SummerSlam announcement’ on next week’s Raw, leaving the naturally curious fans wondering what that announcement will be. According to Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t WrestleZone), despite speculation to the contrary, Reigns likely will not be having a dream match against John Cena.”

This means that, contrary to the assertions of earlier, John Cena will be returning to the WWE as a free agent. This means that he will be able to switch off between the blue and the red brands, if he so chooses, which will hopefully help boost the consistently faltering ratings.

As for who fans think is the most valuable — Roman Reigns or AJ Styles — a previous report by the Inquisitr weighs in. According to this report, the WWE’s official site posted a poll, and so far, AJ Styles is coming in first, but Roman Reigns isn’t far behind.

“The WWE has posted a poll on their website that asked the WWE Universe who the ‘most valuable Superstar in 2017’ is so far. There are a ton of options to vote for, with almost anyone who matters listed as a choice. As of press time, the winner in a landslide is former WWE world champion AJ Styles, followed by Roman Reigns. AJ Styles has a dominating 30 percent of the votes and the next closest person is Roman Reigns, who only has 10 percent at this time. Roman Reigns is the highest vote getter for the WWE Monday Night Raw brand, which might speak wonders for the actual champions of each brand.”

Do you think Roman Reigns is the face of wrestling and the WWE? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Lukas Schulze/Bongarts/Getty Images]