Many Wrestling Fans Think WWE Superstar Big Show Was Shot And Killed, But It Is All A Hoax

Many people are freaking out right now as they believe WWE superstar Big Show was shot and killed recently, but they’re failing to realize that it is all a hoax. The celebrity death hoax is something that has plagued the Internet for years, and it doesn’t help any when people fail to do a little research. While the fake death stories can be quite confusing, it is the satire sites which cause even more issues and such is the case for the massive wrestler.

There is an article being passed around virally on all forms of social media that proclaims Big Show (real name Paul Wight) is dead. When reading the article, it seems quite legitimate, but the entire body of the story is what should come across as quite suspect.

In the piece posted by the Onion, it states that Wight was involved in a cage match at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum when a 7-year-old child wandered into the cage. Emergency personnel responded to the scene and had the make the “split-second decision” to shoot and kill Big Show in the cage out of concern for the child’s safety.

Of course, this is freaking out many people, but many of those wrestling fans don’t realize he wasn’t shot and that the Onion is a satire site.

Yes, it’s nothing but a hoax and he was not shot.

Sure, the Onion makes the story of Big Show being shot and killed sound quite convincing, but it is merely a satirical piece. It is doing a bit of a play on the idea of a child wandering into the cage or enclosure of an animal and the animal needing to be put down for the safety of the kid.

In wrestling, there are often cage matches and well, put two and two together, and the satire website was able to come up with a good joke. The only problem is that many people failed to realize it was a joke.

It actually gets worse the more you read on Twitter as there are people even threatening to open an investigation into Wight’s death. Some truly believe that WWE is responsible for him being shot and killed in the cage due to their lack of security presence at live events and they feel the company should be held responsible.

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[Image by WWE]

At this point, one would think that everyone knows The Onion is a website full of fake stories, satire, and plenty of hoax material. Their “About Us” page even lets the world know that they really aren’t looking to pass along anything legitimate or real, but that doesn’t stop social media users from believing them.

Big Show is alive and well. All you have to do is look at his official account on Twitter to see that he’s still around.

If you go by what you’re reading on the Internet over the last couple of days, and you believe it, then, you probably do think Big Show has been shot and killed. The story of a young child getting into the ring during a cage match and causing emergency personnel to shoot the WWE wrestler seems legitimate to some extent, but…it’s The Onion. Those passing things around on social media may want to do a bit more research before getting upset or angry over satire and a hoax.

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