‘Southern Charm’ Thomas Ravenel Threatens Violence Against Female Fan On Instagram

For two weeks in a row, the star of Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel has angered fans with things he has posted on social media. This one started innocently enough with Ravenel posting a photo of his children with Kathryn Dennis, Kensington Calhoun Ravenel and St. Julien Rembert Ravenel on their way to school. The children’s car seats are side by side, and they are holding hands and smiling. The photo seems to be one of domestic bliss, but a note from a fan that suggested that the children’s car seats were not installed properly set Ravenel off in a manner that was disproportional to the fan’s comment.

The star of Southern Charm, Thomas Ravenel was already in deep from another recent posting that offended some fans. Ravenel posted a pro-Trump cartoon which suggested that President Trump was the only adult in national politics. But even though fans were not surprised that Ravenel supports Trump, many were shocked at the racist tone conveyed in the cartoon. The movement “Black Lives Matter” was portrayed as “Black Tantrums Matter,” and showed a person of color having a fit at the feet of a slim and svelte Donald Trump. When people called Ravenel out for posting such a negative and racially insensitive cartoon, he dared people to have him fired. He then thumbed his nose at fans, posting on Twitter.

“So glad my tweets have hit a nerve with the hateful left. It makes me smile????”

But Thomas Ravenel’s pride didn’t last too long, as the Instagram post and tweet were deleted by the end of the weekend.

They love holding hands while riding to school.

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Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel posted a precious photo of his two children with co-star Kathryn Dennis, but an innocent comment about the proper way to put a child in a car seat set Ravenel off.

“I never comment on posts but this is the second where K is not properly strapped in her seat. The straps shouldn’t come off of her shoulders that easily.”

The Southern Charm fan suggested that Ravenel could stop by a local firehouse to learn the proper way to install a car seat. Ravenel reacted poorly to what he saw as criticism and lashed out.

“If I wanted your advice I’d beat it out of your gross face. Have a nice day!”

Many fans tried to calm Ravenel down, others admonished him about threatening women he did not know for a simple friendly suggestion and others defended him wildly suggesting that he was a wonderful father. But many people would not let it go because safety has to come first when it comes to children in cars.

“No judgment here- just a comment from someone who works at a pediatric children’s hospital. It is so hard to keep up with all the changing laws and regulations, but SC just passed a law that children must be rear-facing until at least two.”

But Thomas Ravenel has become a lightning rod on and off of Southern Charm, and he does attract a great deal of scrutiny. Ravenel posted a photo of himself with his son, known as Saint by the pool, and it is a cute photo of a man and his son, but instead of ignoring a thoughtless comment by someone just looking to get a rise out of him, he commented back, throwing his Down’s Syndrome brother into the attack. The fan commented that he felt sorry for Ravenel’s children.

“Ha, just read a few of your posts and I’m gonna lv you alone. You can’t play on my level. It’d be like picking on my Down Syndrome Brother.”


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But things didn’t end there because the person responded that Ravenel’s brother was likely smarter than Ravenel.

“You must be right, I’m so dumb I didn’t read it [it] correctly the first two times. Can you tell it to me a third time? Is that all you got?”

Do you think that Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel should simply take the high road when it comes to reacting to negative social media comments?

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