Optio Labs Creates Enterprise Version Of Google Android, Offers High-End Security

Google Android in its pure form is susceptible to malware attacks and other various security issues. The team at Boston-based startup Optio Labs is attempting to avoid Android security issues by creating a custom version of the mobile OS that allows for Enterprise level protections.

The new Android for enterprise solution allows tech departments to control what can and cannot be accessed depending on location, network, or running apps.

Not only can the new Android OS display sensitive company data, it can be set to turn off texting, camera use, and other functions based on location. The latter feature allows companies to protect sensitive data that shouldn’t be removed from its current location.

According to Technology Review, by utilizing a Bluetooth beacon, the new Android OS can receive a cryptographic tether to a device for added security. The program could also use near field communications (NFC) to send secure information and in theory to “bump” information to fellow employees.

Jules White, co-founder of Optio Labs, explains:

“You can dream up just about any rule, it can be your GPS location, or an indoor location detection: when you are in this specific room you can use these apps and connect to this data, but the moment you walk out we will delete the data, shut down the apps, prevent you from getting access to them.”

By eliminating a user’s ability to install malware, while at the same type offering enterprise level encryption, the team at Optio Labs could find itself on the receiving end of many enterprise orders. In the meantime, the tech firm has already announced sales to several undisclosed systems integrators and smartphone manufacturers.

Optio Labs will see its first custom Android OS phones arrive to market in late 2013.