‘The Batman’ Will Draw Inspiration From The Great Alfred Hitchcock, Says Director Matt Reeves

Earlier this year, Matt Reeves was announced as the replacement to Ben Affleck, after the actor confirmed that he would be stepping down as the director of the upcoming Batman film to focus solely on his role as the Caped Crusader. Reeves has now revealed that his vision of the iconic superhero will draw inspiration from the legendary director Alfred Hitchcock. In an interview with CNET, the 51-year-old director talked about his latest project, War of the Planet of the Apes, but was also asked a few questions about his Batman movie, which is set to be released sometime in 2019.

In response to a question regarding the possible stylistic similarities between War of the Planet of the Apes and The Batman, Reeves revealed that the protagonist’s point of view is always crucial to him in his films. The director further clarified this statement and explained that he wants the narrative of the film to be told primarily from Batman’s point of view, while also declaring his admiration for Hitchcock and his masterful style of storytelling.

“For me, point of view is really important. I want to make sure you are experiencing something from the perspective of the main character in the story. I’m a huge Hitchcock fan – I like the idea of being immersed in that perspective.”

Matt Reeves holds a speech

This revelation will come as great news for Batman fans, considering how Hitchcock was famously referred to as the master of suspense. And while there have been plenty of incarnations of the Dark Knight on the big screen, Reeves’ vision of the superhero may offer something fresh and new. Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was certainly a masterpiece in its own right, as reflected in its financial and critical success, but it did not fully embrace Batman as the world’s greatest detective, a title that the superhero has long held in the comics. If Reeves manages to successfully incorporate certain stylistic and narrative elements from some of Hitchcock’s most celebrated films — Psycho, Notorious, and Vertigo to name a few — in The Batman, his cinematic version of the Caped Crusader may actually stand the test of time. After all, who wouldn’t want to see a suspenseful thriller featuring none other than the iconic Batman himself?

Alfred Hitchcock in 1980

What’s more, Reeves stated that his primary goal as a filmmaker is to convey the protagonist’s feelings in a way that the audience can also go through the same emotional experiences of the main character. If Reeves pulls this off in his Batman movie, fans will surely be looking forward to getting a glimpse into the mind of the world’s greatest detective within the DCEU.

The Batman will be Ben Affleck’s first solo outing as the Dark Knight, but the actor has previously appeared in the role in both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as well as Suicide Squad. From what we’ve seen so far, the DCEU’s version of Batman is an old veteran who’s turned grittier and cynical after years of battling deranged criminals in Gotham City. Maybe a touch of Hitchcock is just what this incarnation of the iconic superhero needs to bring out the best of the Batman’s qualities and characteristics.


Affleck will also reprise his role as Batman in Justice League, which will be released on November 17 this year. While not much is currently known about The Batman, the events that unfold in Justice League will surely have huge consequences on the plot of the film — unless Affleck’s first solo appearance as the Caped Crusader turns out to be a prequel, of course.

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