Huge Update Regarding Potential Heel Turn For Big Cass And Split From Enzo Amore Revealed

Over the past month, Enzo Amore and Big Cass have been the victims of backstage attackers who have yet to be revealed on WWE television. Naturally, there is a lot of speculation about who will eventually be revealed as the attackers. The Revival are about to make their return, and they could easily be the attackers. There are more elaborate theories like The Big Show or even the GM of Raw Kurt Angle being behind the attacks.

Despite most possibilities, the theory most people believe is a huge heel turn for Big Cass. It has been known for some time that WWE officials are very high on Big Cass, which means a big singles push is only a matter of time. The majority of the WWE Universe believes the powers that be are preparing to pull the trigger on the turn soon. The latest update regarding the attack angle may have revealed WWE officials’ creative plans.

Big Cass Betrayal Would Make the WWE Universe Love Enzo So Much More
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It’s being reported that WWE officials filmed some new footage of Big Cass faking a backstage attack, which would likely be used on Raw to prove that the attack he suffered recently was also a fake. That video would prove that Cass was behind the attacks and he would offer an explanation for his betrayal shortly after. The WWE Universe would get behind Enzo, and the Big Cass’ heel run would be off and running in a big way.

However, their rivalry would create some issues because the size difference is something that would need to be addressed immediately. On paper, Big Cass physically dominating Enzo would give him a lot of heat and give the latter sympathy from the fans. Enzo’s heart to keep fighting may become his defining characteristic and allow him to connect with the WWE Universe despite getting beaten down by Big Cass every week.

Enzo Amore Could Be Revealed As the Mastermind Behind the Entire Angle
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Of course, Enzo could enlist the help of someone like The Big Show to even the odds with Big Cass while the “Realest Guy in the Room” does all the work on the microphone. That could work, but the reason why Enzo and Big Cass work so well as a tag team is they cover each other’s weaknesses. Big Cass is better in the ring, and Enzo is better on the microphone. As singles performers, those weaknesses get a lot more exposure.

Enzo Amore may be physically overmatched in a fight with Big Cass, but his in-ring work is what needs the most improvement if he’s going to last long term as a singles star. His promo work will take him as far as he wants to go as long as his in-ring work can keep up, but he will need to have WWE fans behind him. WWE officials need to have a plan ready if Big Cass turning heel is the direction they want to go in with this angle.

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