Ozzy Osbourne Says His Sex Addiction Is The Worst Addiction He Battles

Ozzy Osbourne has always been vocal about the fact that he is an addict—the Black Sabbath frontman’s struggles with drinking and drugs have been well documented—but it was only in recent years that fans found out he is also a sex addict. Now, nearly a year after Ozzy made headlines for his lengthy affair with his former hairstylist, the rock legend is speaking out about what has become his biggest demon.

Last year, Ozzy’s four-year relationship with stylist Michelle Pugh was discovered by his wife of 33 years, Sharon Osbourne, and it nearly ended the rock power couple’s marriage. Now, Osbourne explains to Hello! That he doesn’t even know how the affair started, but that was afraid to end it for fear Pugh would go to press.

“My first wife divorced me because of my playing around,” Ozzy told Hello! (via Blabbermouth.net).

“It’s by far the worst addiction that I have. When I was drinking or doing drugs, I was affecting myself physically, but with the sex addiction, it affects everybody. It made me realize what a complete idiot I was.”

Ozzy admitted that he can’t live without Sharon and that his wife is the only woman he has ever loved. The Osbournes recently renewed their wedding vows in a small, private ceremony.

“I can’t imagine life without Sharon,” Ozzy said.

“She’s my soulmate. I love her. I can honestly say that I’ve never loved any other woman besides Sharon…she’s the love of my life.”


Osbourne told Hello! it has been a long road to recovery from his marriage. While the couple lived separately for a while after revelations of Ozzy’s affair came out, Sharon finally forgave her husband and father of her three children, Aimee, Jack and Kelly. But it hasn’t been easy to get the marriage back on track. Osbourne revealed that it has only been recently that his wife has “been properly” with him.

“I’ve damaged our relationship,” Ozzy admitted. “But I promised her that I would stick with my sex addiction therapy. I don’t want to be that person anymore. “

Ozzy said he despises the addict side of himself.

“I hate that guy,” Osbourne revealed.

“I’m fed up of being an addict — and it’s not just sex; it can be drugs, alcohol, collecting stamps, anything. There’s no in between with me and it’s really hard work. …I even do the sex therapy sessions on Skype now when I’m on the road.”

Last summer, Ozzy Osbourne issued a statement in which he revealed that he has been dealing with sex addiction for more than six years. While Osbourne confirmed his years-long affair with Pugh, the hair colorist said she doesn’t believe that the rock legend is a sex addict.

Pugh revealed that she worked with Ozzy for a full year before their relationship turned physical and she described their courtship as “an old-fashioned romance.” Pugh said Osbourne was “the greatest love” of her life and that he asked her not to date anyone else when they were together.

In his statement, Ozzy apologized to Pugh, whom he claims took “our sexual relationship out of context.”

Ozzy also apologized to all of the other women he had affairs with over the years and thanked his “incredible wife” Sharon for staying by his side and supporting him through all of the difficult times.

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While he seemingly has his sex addiction under control, last year Ozzy told Goldmine that his alcoholism has also been an ongoing battle. Citing early four years of sobriety, Ozzy admitted, “I’ve reached a really weird place with it. I am not really happy being sober, but I don’t want to get drunk.”

Osbourne, who has admitted he hates attended AA meetings but still does so for the sake of his family, added that he has no regrets about his heavy drug and alcohol use because it was his “destiny.” Ozzy also admits that he has made plenty of mistakes in his life because he is human. As for rumors that he had an alcohol or drug relapse that contributed to his extramarital affair, Ozzy shut down the gossip, reiterating that he has been sober for years. In other words, the sex was just another addiction.

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