What’s Leaving Netflix In July 2017

Every month, viewers across the country who love streaming movies and shows ask themselves what’s leaving Netflix this month. They are forced to say goodbye to some of their favorite binge television shows as Netflix removes them from their catalog. July is no different, and this month, there are several shows that are fading from Netflix’s streaming service.

Some notable departures from Netflix in July of 2017 are Ghost Whisperer, and the classic iteration of MacGyver. So if you want to get one last instructable on how to make a nuclear weapon out of a stick of chewing gum and two paperclips, you have two weeks to catch up. Likewise, if you’re in the mood for a series of Kleenex-required shows as Jennifer Love-Hewitt helps the dead find closure, usually in the most tear-jerking manner possible.

Also leaving on July 1 is fan-favorite Futurama. Only the first six seasons are leaving Netflix as the streaming rights have expired. And with the bad blood between Netflix and Fox, don’t look for Futurama to reappear on this streaming service anytime soon.

A lot of Spanish-language telenovelas are also departing this month, so if you’re missing your daily required dose of dramatic looks and amnesia-suffering main characters, catch up now.

what leaves netflix july 2017
Netflix is losing several notable television shows in July of 2017. [Image by Ink Drop/Shutterstock]

The majority of the shows leaving will depart on July 1. However, there are a spate departing over the following two weeks as well. Here are the shows leaving Netflix in July of 2017.

July 1

  • 30 Degrees in February (2 Seasons)
  • Air Disasters (Season 2)
  • Apocalypse: World War II (1 Season)
  • Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse (1 Season)
  • Chicken Town (1 Season)
  • China’s Forbidden City (2 Episodes)
  • Civil War 360 (3 Episodes)
  • Comics Without Borders (1 Season)
  • David Attenborough’s Rise of the Animals: Triumph of the Vertebrates (2 Episodes)
  • El Cartel (1 Season)
  • El Cartel 2 (1 Season)
  • El Secretario (1 Season)
  • Futurama (Seasons 1-6 only)
  • Gaming Show (In My Parents’ Garage) (1 Season)
  • Ghost Whisperer (5 Seasons)
  • Inami (1 Season)
  • La Promesa (1 Season)
  • La Ruta Blanca (1 Season)
  • Las Muñecas de la Mafia (1 Season)
  • MacGyver (7 Seasons)
  • Made in Cartagena (1 Season)
  • Operación Jaque (2010)
  • Quiz Time (1 Season)
  • SamSam (1 Season)
  • Saving Grace (3 Seasons)
  • Secrets of the Third Reich (1 Season)
  • Speed Kills (2 Seasons)
  • Taratabong: The World of the Meloditties (1 Season)
  • The Garfield Show (2 Seasons)
  • The Real Story (1 Season)
  • Trotro (1 Season)
  • Truly Strange [The Secret Life of Breasts]
  • Yakari (1 Season)

July 2

  • The Glades (4 Seasons)
  • I’ll Have What Phil’s Having (1 Season)
leaving netflix july 2017
Several titles are leaving popular streaming service Netflix in July 2017. [Image by sitthiphong/Shutterstock]

July 6

  • El Capulin Colorado (1972)
  • La Familia P. Luche (2012)
  • La Usurpadora (1998)
  • Lo que la Vida me Robo (2013)
  • Maria la del Barrio (1995)
  • Maria de Todos Los Angeles (2009)
  • Miss XV (2012)
  • Rubi (2004)
  • Teresa (2010)
  • Una Familia de Diez (2007)
  • Vecinos (2006)

July 7

  • Witches of the East End (2 Seasons)

July 9

  • Mystery Files (1 Season)

July 15

  • El Chavo Animado (4 Seasons)
  • My Animals Friends (1 Season)
  • XH Derbez (1 Season)
  • Your Brush With Nature (1 Season)

That’s your updated list of what’s leaving Netflix in July of 2017. No major movies have been announced as leaving the streaming service yet, but a lot of television series and telenovelas are departing. Netflix updates their list heavily in the last two weeks of the month before shows are due to leave, so there may be some additions later in the month. Keep an eye on the Inquisitr for updated lists.