Stevie J And Joseline Drama: Stevie J Is Demanding That Joseline Disclose A Full List Of Sexual Partners

If there’s one thing that perpetual love-to-hate-one-another couple Stevie J and Joseline do really well, it’s keep themselves in the news long after their expiry date has passed.

And the same goes for today, when news reports have just come out that Stevie J — producer-turned-perpetual-drama-king — has announced that, before he pays for Bonnie Bella’s child support, he’d like a list of all of Joseline’s sexual partners, because one thing clearly has to do with the other.

According to Hollywood Life, Stevie J and Joseline — the breakout couple of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta — have kept themselves in the news again because of Stevie’s latest ridiculous proclamation. Part of the problem of this story line, of course, is that we all know that Stevie J is the father of young Bonnie Bella — so all of this “drama” is really nothing more than a build-up to an already-known endgame.

“Even though Stevie J, 45, took a paternity test that proved he’s the father of Joseline Hernandez’s baby, he’s still wants to know who else she was sleeping with during the time that their five-month-old daughter Bonnie Bella was conceived. In new legal papers obtained by Media Take Out, he asks that she name all of her sex partners from Mar. 1. 2016 through May 1, 2016. That’s the window when the Puerto Rican Princess became pregnant, later welcoming Bonnie on Dec. 28, 2016. He’s asking the court to compel her to give out the names under penalty of perjury! It seems awfully petty at this point to demand to know who Joseline was screwing around with, as he’s definitely her baby’s daddy.”

Meanwhile, according to TMZ, the other half of the Stevie J. and Joseline “power couple” is in the news for all the wrong reasons — namely, because she can’t keep her hands to herself!

Stevie J claims that the two of them got into it at a restaurant, and Joseline sent a bowl of hot mushrooms flying at his head!

“According to the police report, Joseline flew into a rage when Stevie tried to back out of the meeting they’d planned — with his lawyer. He accused her of being ‘in a hostile mood.’ When Stevie got up to leave he claims Joseline grabbed a bowl off the table with ‘about 6 to 8 very hot mushrooms ready to be served and threw it at him.’ Stevie’s lawyer then called police. Several restaurant employees told cops they witnessed the ‘shroom abuse and added that Joseline’s behavior scared other patrons. Officers recovered the ceramic bowl as evidence.”

Stevie J, who just might be the pettiest person alive, then told the court that this is evidence for Joseline getting psychological help and anger management.

According to BET, though, even though we all know the endgame, it’s still rather interesting to watch the Stevie J and Joseline relationship trainwreck.

As of late, even though Stevie J succeeded in wooing Joseline back (can’t imagine how or why), he’s still making some shady dealings behind her back. In fact, the outlet reports that all this pretending to be nice on the part of Stevie J is really just a smoke screen, because he’s planning on filing another legal case behind her back!

“While the former couple continue to show a united front to the public (they attended an event together as recently as last week), Stevie J is reportedly headed back to court to plead with the judge because he fears his daughter, Bonnie Bella, may be unsafe when in her mother’s custody. And this time, he seems more serious than ever about proving it.”

So petty!

What do you think of this latest Stevie J and Joseline news? Do you think the two will eventually get it together and work it out for the sake of Bonnie Bella?

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