‘Man Of Steel 2’: Superman Sequel Launching Supergirl Into DCEU And Skynet Inspired Brainiac? [Rumors]

Rumors regarding the Man the of Steel 2 movie sequel have been rolling around the Internet lately. The recent onslaught now regarding Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El, a.k.a Supergirl, is rumored to be appearing in the DCEU sequel. Considering the CW’s success with Melissa Benoist on the TV version, one couldn’t put it past the cinematic universe to bring her on board. After all, there is already a small screen to big screen existence of Barry Allen/The Flash, so why not keep it coming?

There seems to be an undergoing development of a story via Geoff Johns and Zack Snyder, according to 4chan. The rumors continue as quite a few writers have been approached in putting together a screenplay for Man of Steel 2, those of which include the 300 and Watchmen writers. Considering the latter, this would get fans riled up with excitement.

There are also rumors of Brainiac being the villain in this sequel with Supergirl being introduced into the DCEU in this fashion.

“The sequel to Man of Steel has been developing in secret. Geoff Johns and Zack Snyder finished writing a story for the film back in November. Multiple writers were approached to turn into a screenplay including the writers from Watchmen and the 300 movie series. Brainiac will be the villain and Supergirl will be introduced to the DCEU.”

Speaking of which, Cinema Blend had a theory on how Brainiac would be introduced. If anyone remembers Lexcorp and his operating system, “Lex/OS”, it was said to be “the world’s first neural network based operating system.”

The operative word here is “neural” and was likened to that of Terminator’s Skynet. Lex’s OS is said to take on tasks humans would find difficult, thus handing over all the hard stuff to the OS (operating system). Considering how this runs in parallel with real world reliance on technology, having a Terminator/Skynet-inspired DCEU villain would make things interesting.

Man of Steel 2 Superman Supergirl
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Brainiac is a character that’s considered highly intelligent to the twelfth level and is Kryptonian’s ancient artificial intelligence. This would make Krypton’s version of Skynet that may be making his way to Earth in the DCEU.

That said, it looks like the common denominator here is Lex Luthor could be farming out DC movie villains as he did with Doomsday. He’s seen also chanting “The red capes are coming!” in Batman v. Superman which likely refers to the British invading the United States, but it sounds like Lex is involved somehow with these so-called “red capes.”

Take these rumors with a grain of salt mind you, but remember with the CW’s Flash and the DCEU version on the plate, it would make sense with Supergirl hitting the big screen as well.

But who would you say which actress will portray her? How do you think she’ll be introduced? Will they reveal the same back story that she came to Earth in the same fashion to keep tabs on her cousin?

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Man of Steel 2 is indeed a sequel worth keeping an eye out for as geeks have been wanting to know more about this flick. Hopefully, this rumor will shed some light on things. Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins even suggested her desire for working on a Superman film, so we’ll have to see considering she helmed a female-led superhero movie.

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