‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 96 Preview Analysis: God Vs. God Battle, Jiren Hype, And A Yardratian’s Return

Dragon Ball Super would be starting the Tournament of Power in the next couple of weeks, but if the NEP for DBS Ep. 96 is any indication, things would already be pretty mind-blowing on the eve of the multiverse battle royale. In the brief preview of the upcoming episode, the anime has teased a god vs. god battle, the meeting of Frieza and Frost, the reappearance of a Yardratian, and the first official encounter between Goku and Jiren.

The NEP for DBS Episode 96, “The Time Has Come! To the World of Void, Where the Universes’ Fates Will Be Decided!!” followed a pretty different format than the usual previews of the past episodes. For one, there were notably more scenes that were featured, and each of them seemed to be teasing something incredibly important that is set to happen in the upcoming Tournament of Power. Apart from this, the teaser also showed a particularly interesting scene, which showed Son Goku seemingly intimidated by Universe 11’s strongest fighter, Jiren.

Immediately noticeable as soon as the preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 started was a battle between two Gods of Destruction. While it remained to be seen exactly who would be participating in the sparring session, the brief scenes where the gods’ skirmish were featured seemed to indicate that it would involve the deities of the Top four universes. Unsurprisingly, numerous DBS fans in online forums such as Reddit have reacted positively to this, particularly as it would be the first time two Gods of Destruction would actually battle with each other.

Also noticeable from the DBS Ep. 96 NEP was a meeting between Frieza and Frost, two characters from the same race and the same villainous tendencies. From what could be determined from the brief scene featuring the two characters, it appeared that Frieza and Frost would be scheming together. This has been widely speculated by fans over the past few weeks, with many predicting that the two villains would likely be the wild cards of their representative teams in the Tournament of Power.

Interestingly, the Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 preview also teased what appears to be a Yardratian among the fighters of the other participating universes. While the race of aliens has not appeared in the anime’s canon for years, many fans have noted that Yardratians are the ones who taught Son Goku his Instant Transmission technique. Thus, the inclusion of a Yardratian among the fighters in the Tournament of Power would be interesting.

Perhaps most notable in the brief DBS Episode 96 preview, however, was Goku’s apparent reaction to Jiren’s energy. Jiren has already been built up as the strongest fighter in the Universe 11 team, a squad which is already comprised of formidable warriors. Thus, his appearance in the multiverse battle royale has been long awaited. What was entirely unexpected, however, was Goku’s apparent reaction to the fighter’s energy in the NEP. If the teaser was any indication, it appeared that Goku was actually quite intimidated by the warrior’s power. Considering Goku’s near-limitless strength, it would be interesting to see what kind of warrior could actually intimidate the veteran Saiyan.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 would air in Japan on June 25. The episode would be streamed in the West through services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]