‘Stranger Things’ Producer Teases Season 2: Greater Threat To Characters In Darker Themed Sequel

Stranger Things Season 2 is one of the most anticipated Netflix originals coming out this year. It has a release date: October 31, 2017, and the series will take off themed about the day it is released, which is Halloween.

The executive producer Shawn Levy teased a darker season where fans can expect a greater threat to the characters of the series. Levy also reveals that Season 2 of Stranger Things will be scarier than it’s predecessor. The upcoming season begins about a year after the events of the finale and the plot will explore Will’s disappearance as more is revealed about the Upside Down world.

Due to the success of the first, Netflix has greenlit a bigger budget for the second season. Therefore, fans can expect a more cinematic experience and possibly a more detailed Demogorgon that was last seen battling it out with fan favorite Eleven. Millie Bobby Brown will reprise her role as the supernatural Eleven and the creepy Martin Brenner, who seemed to have been killed by the Demogorgon, will also return in the second season.

In the short teaser, the kids of Stranger Things are seen dressing up as the Ghostbusters and Eleven is also seen reacting to Mike Wheeler screaming her name. Hopper is digging something up, and Will Byer’s is having visions from his captivity in the Upside Down.

In the second season of Stranger Things, Joyce is trying to help her troubled son while dating an old high school classmate, who is portrayed by Sean Astin. Hopper attempts to keep the weird events in Hawkins a secret and fans will learn about Eleven’s backstory.

While the Duffer brothers have hinted at some form of justice for Barb, the beloved character will not be coming back from the dead. Chief Hopper is seen getting into a car in the first season’s finale, and the character clearly knows a lot about the Upside Down world. David Harbour, who plays the character, has suggested that his character could pay for his heroic actions, according to Daily Express.

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Shawn Levy revealed that Season 2 of Stranger Things may disappoint some fans that found the first season scary because the upcoming season is even scarier. Levy reveals that filming the kids can be challenging but the chemistry between them is vital to doing the character’s justice.

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