Corinne Olympios' 'Bachelor In Paradise' Scandal Is Not At All Surprising, Says Her Ex-Boyfriend

Corinne Olympios is now in hot water after an alleged sexual misconduct involving her and DeMario Jackson resulted in the cancellation of Bachelors in Paradise Season 4. And her ex-boyfriend, Keith Berman, doesn't appear to be surprised about the news.

The former The Bachelor contestant already released a statement via Variety claiming that she was a victim in the scandal, in which she reportedly had a sexual encounter with Jackson while under the influence of alcohol.

But for Berman, none of this comes as a surprise as he calls Olympios an "irresponsible" person during his interview with Hollywood Life.

"Corinne has always been irresponsible and I'm not surprised at all by this, I don't expect it to be any different."
Berman, who has been criticizing Corinne since she made a name for herself on Nick Viall's run on The Bachelor, explained that the young business owner was involved in a scandal because she wanted to get more famous.

"She claimed she wanted to have a serious career when we met in Los Angeles," Berman told the news outlet. "But clearly she's already a washed up reality star."

Keith previously claimed that he and Corinne hooked up after they met a couple years back. There had been rumors stating that Olympios and Berman are engaged, but the 24-year-old beauty already cleared it up saying they are not true and she's getting tired of it.

Berman isn't the only one who does not appear surprised by the Bachelor in Paradise scandal. AshLee Frazier, who was on the show's Season 1, said that what happened is nothing new. In an interview with Vulture, Frazier revealed she had witnessed producers encourage contestants to drink alcohol. Also, producers are said to do anything to "heavily sway you to do certain things."

Frazier, who is now a lifestyle blogger, may not see the scandal as something unusual but she did feel disappointed. She believes that the contestants should have been "watched a little more carefully," especially when alcohol is involved.

What really went down during the filming of Bachelors in Paradise in Mexico is unclear for now. Warner Bros. has already launched a full investigation and the results will be available soon. There have been different accounts from people involved in the show on what happened.

Corinne Olympios is involved in a sex scandal with BIP contestant DeMario Jackson
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Corinne already stated her side, saying she didn't remember anything that night. Sources have revealed that she was too drunk to give consent. On the other hand, DeMario had spoken to people, who revealed that Olympios forced herself on him. There was intense making out, which Corinne started, as reported by TMZ. According to Jackson, Olympios was the one who suggested they head to the pool while cameras are rolling.

Both got naked and the make out sessions continued. Later on, the encounter has turned into "soft core porn," as Los Angeles Times reporter Amy Kauffman put it.

Jasmine Goode, a Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 contestant, has also recently given a statement to E! News, saying that Corinne forced herself on three male contestants. Corinne was not observed to be acting different on the day of the incident in question, Goode said.
"After the incident everything seemed fine. There was no mention about being hurt. However, when producers tried to cut her off from drinking, she got upset and said, 'Watch, watch what I'm gonna do.'"
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