‘Star Wars: Episode 8’: Mark Hamill Surprised At Luke Skywalker’s Direction In ‘The Last Jedi’

Mark Hamill, who plays the iconic Luke Skywalker, clarified his comments regarding Luke in the upcoming installment to the saga: Star Wars Episode 8 — The Last Jedi. The trailer, which you can watch below, shows that Star Wars Episode 8 picks up where the 2015 movie The Force Awakens left off. However, the upcoming movie, which has a December 15, 2017, release date, will have a new writer and director in Rian Johnson.

Hamill worried fans when it was revealed last month that he disagrees with all the decisions the new director Rian Johnson has made for the character he portrays. However, he has since clarified his comments stating that it “was inartfully phrased.” He went on to say that he was surprised rather than disappointed in the direction of Luke Skywalker and when he understood where the director saw the character going, he was thrilled. Mark Hamill said the following to Variety magazine during a red carpet event.

“I was quoted as saying to Rian that I fundamentally disagree with everything you decided about Luke, and it was inartfully phrased. What I was, was surprised at how he saw Luke. And it took me a while to get around to his way of thinking, but once I was there it was a thrilling experience. I hope it will be for the audience too.”

In the same interview, Hamill praises Rian Johnson’s skill as a filmmaker and talks about how creative and inventive some of his previous movies are, such as Brick and The Brother’s Bloom.

Since Mark Hamill made the comments about Luke Skywalker, fans have been speculating about what he could have meant. In the trailer for Star Wars Episode 8, Luke is training the force sensitive and inexperienced Rey but also declares that “I only know one truth—it’s time for the Jedi to end.” Some fans have accused Luke of cowardice because he exiled himself on the planet Ahch-To. Others have suggested that he meant that neither the Jedi nor the Sith should exist after trying to bring balance to the force with no success.

It seemed like Anakin fulfilled his prophecy in the end as Darth Vader with the destruction of the empire and killing his master but there is still a light and dark force in the universe – Kylo Ren and his army, along with Rey representing the light force. The Last Jedi may also be setting up Luke Skywalker’s death, and Mark Hamill was surprised at how the director envisioned it.

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