Chris Cornell Cause Of Death: Family Insists Musician Was Not Suicidal

The music world was shocked when news broke out that Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell was found dead inside a Detroit hotel room while on tour with the band. However, the musician’s family was even more shocked when the cause of death was eventually ruled as suicide by hanging after all other possibilities, including the possibility that Cornell was murdered, were ruled out.

Chris Cornell was living every rocker’s dream life. The musician had a successful career as frontman of popular groups Audioslave and eventually Soundgarden. In fact, the vocalist just came from a Soundgarden performance at the Fox Theatre in Michigan and retired to his room at the MGM Grand Detroit where his lifeless body was later discovered. None of his fans who witnessed his last performance had any inkling that the singer and songwriter would be taking his own life that night.

Apparently, Cornell’s family does not believe that it may have been just a simple case of suicide. According to an unnamed family member who spoke to People magazine, Chris Cornell’s behavior a few weeks before his May 18 death is inconsistent with someone who is suicidal.

Cornell Canceled His Flight Twice

The source told People that Chris canceled his flight twice last month due to safety concerns. The late singer reportedly canceled his May 8 flight to and from Atlanta, Georgia, due to bad weather as well as his May 9 flight from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, when it was delayed due to mechanical trouble. During the latter incident, Chris opted instead to drive a rental for seven hours to his destination. According to the unnamed source, the incidents clearly show a man who values his life, not someone who is suicidal.

“Clearly someone who was so hesitant and fearful to fly in these situations valued their life. These are not indications of someone with no regard to their well-being.”

Chris Looked Forward To His Favorite TV Show That Night

On the night of his death, Cornell was said to be looking forward to watching his favorite show, an indication that he was not planning to take away his life that night. At around 11:45 p.m. on the night of his death, Chris asked assistance from security and an engineer to get his Apple TV to work so he could watch his favorite show.

“Chris was so adamant about getting his TV to work he called for backup assistance when security was unable to fix it. Someone so persistent about fixing a TV so they can watch their favorite show, focusing on something so mundane, is not a sign of someone planning to take their life.”

Is It Possible That Chris Cornell Was Murdered?

When the singer’s body was discovered, police did not immediately rule out the possibility that Chris Cornell might have been murdered. However, investigators later ruled out homicide when it was determined that nobody could have gone inside this room to kill the singer.

Detectives were able to confirm via video surveillance footage that no one had entered or exited Chris Cornell’s suite after his bodyguard left him at around 11:35 p.m. that night, according to the Detroit News. In addition, detectives concluded that his bodyguard, Martin Kirsten, could not have killed his boss before he left the room because the door was locked from the inside.

Impaired Judgment

While it will never be known what went on inside the singer’s mind during those final moments, his family believes that Chris Cornell’s judgment was impaired and his mind altered on those critical moments. Chris’ wife Vicky Karayiannis Cornell suspects that an overdose of Ativan could be a contributory factor.

“We have learned from this report that several substances were found in his system. After so many years of sobriety, this moment of terrible judgment seems to have completely impaired and altered his state of mind.”

[Featured Image by Buda Mendes/Getty Images]