‘Shameless’ Season 8 Release Date: Fan Page Causes Confusion About Unconfirmed Premiere

Shameless fans have been chomping at the bit for news regarding the release date of Season 8. Unfortunately, fans of the Showtime series have to be careful about what they read on Facebook as not every piece of information about the series is true.

A Facebook fan page called Lip Gallagher recently shared a picture which was quickly shared over 2,000 times inside of 12 hours by Shameless fans and in Shameless fan groups. The picture featured the entire Shameless cast as well as the caption “Season 8 coming in July 2017.” The Facebook fan page shared the picture with a status suggesting “July 3” of next month was the official release date for Season 8 of Shameless.

As Deadline reminds us, Shameless has been renewed for Season 8 since December of last year. In March of this year, the Inquisitr already reported that Season 8 of Shameless did not have a release date as of then. Fast forward three months and Showtime still hasn’t confirmed the official release date for Season 8.

Shameless fans have speculated the possibility of an October release date, but a release date in January or February of next year is starting to seem more likely. Originally, Emmy Rossum had revealed the series would start filming in May of this year. According to the official Twitter account of the Showtime series, however, the filming for Season 8 of Shameless didn’t start until June 9.

Some fans did comment on the picture regarding the fact that a July 2017 release date doesn’t make sense given the fact that they just started filming roughly a week ago.

This isn’t the first time this particular Facebook fan page has caused confusion among Shameless fans. Last month, the Facebook page shared a picture claiming Justin Chatwin would be returning to the Showtime series once again. While the picture didn’t get nearly as much attention as the one suggesting the series has a release date for Season 8, it did have nearly 200 people who – to some degree – thought the rumor could be true.

Emmy Rossum and William H. Macy attend a 'Shameless' screening [Image by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]

The truth of the matter is Shameless Season 8 just started filming a little more than a week ago, and there’s next to no information about the new season available just yet. In fact, the only piece of information fans have regarding Season 8 is that the Sims twins will not be returning to play Liam.

Thank you guys for everything. The boys will miss you all. Wish everyone great success for season 8

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According to their mother, the role of Liam had been recast to someone else. Naturally, fans have already begun to question this means. Will they have to adjust to a new child playing the role, or is the series going to time jump to when Liam would be a little older? Could Season 8 finally be when little Liam starts to have a more vocal role in the show?

The bottom line is – Showtime hasn’t confirmed anything regarding Season 8 of Shameless other than the fact that there will be a Season 8. Fans will have to continue to chew on their nails with anticipation for now!

Did you happen to come across the post suggesting there had finally been a release date for Season 8?

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