Sony Finally Discontinuing Tape Recorders In 2013

In a time ruled by USB drives, solid-state drivers, cloud storage options, and Blu-ray discs, it might surprise some of our readers to learn that Sony continues to manufacture good old-fashioned tape recorders. Now the company has announced plans to discontinue the relics of the past.

Sony announced plans this week to discontinue the production of its TCM-400, TCM-410, and TCM-450 cassette recorders in “early” 2013.

Sony in 2012 discontinued the sale of its Walkman line of portable cassette and DVD players, citing low demand in an era ruled by smartphones, tablets, and other more convenient portable options.

The portable tape recorder may be going the way of black & white TV sets, but the company still sells portable boomboxes with CD and tape deck combos.

While vinyl record players continue to make a resurgence, cassette tapes have not enjoyed the same level of success, yet billions of cassette tapes still exist, millions of which are probably mixtapes made by lovestruck teenagers.

If the life cycle of devices continues on its current path, the next device to enter the digital graveyard will be DVDs, and, with Blu-ray players now often selling for under $50, that life cycle end is looking more apparent every single day.

Have you managed to hold onto your old cassette tapes even years after they stopped being relevant?