Florida Mother Arrested After Toddler Son Pulls Out Loaded Gun From Toy Box During A Child Welfare Check

Officers with the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office stated that a 34-year-old woman, Rosalyn Faniel, was arrested after her 3-year-old son pulled out a loaded gun from his toy box during a welfare check on Tuesday. According to CBS 12, police officials received a report about possible child neglect at a home in Boynton Beach, Florida, and began an investigation.

A police officer and an investigator with the Department of Children and Families visited Faniel’s one-bedroom apartment to interview her about child neglect allegations and complaints received about a man selling drugs and people suspiciously entering and exiting the home at all times of the night.

As the interviewed continued in the living room area, the officer noticed that Faniel’s son had come out of the bedroom with his “My Little Learning” toy box in his hand. Several books were spotted in the toy box, but what the toddler pulled out shocked the officer and the DCF investigator.

It was reported that the toddler pulled out a black 9mm semi-automatic pistol with one bullet in the chamber, and the safety was off. The officer quickly confiscated the gun and turned to Faniel, who reportedly claimed that the gun was not hers and she had no knowledge of a gun being in the home.

Florida woman arrested after toddler son pulls out gun from toy box. [Image by MCCAIG /iStock]

After the toddler pulled a loaded gun out of his toy box, the officer and the DCF investigator were prompted to search the apartment for possible dangers.

The Boynton Police officials stated that a yellow box of 9mm ammunition, a black scale, and a makeup bag containing six small plastic bags with white and pink powder inside was found on top of the refrigerator.

Florida arrests
FLorida woman, Rosalyn Faniel, arrested on child neglect charges. {Image by Palm Beach Sheriff's Office}

The powder was sent to a Boynton Beach Police Department crime scene technician for testing, and the results came back positive for Oxycodone. No other hazardous items were found in the home, police say.

Faniel was arrested and charged with child neglect, and she was taken to the Palm Beach County Jail. It was later uncovered that Faniel had a warrant for petty theft. She has since been released from jail and is expected to make a court appearance on July 3.

[Featured Image by Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office]