Tim Tebow Girlfriend Camilla Belle Meets The Parents

Tim Tebow has reportedly introduced new girlfriend Camilla Belle to his parents, suggesting that the couple is getting serious.

The New York Jets backup quarterback and the actress apparently started dating out in public in October but they may have gotten together last May based on some published reports.

According to In Touch magazine, Tim’s parents are on board with their son’s new romance:

” ‘His mom, Pam, likes that Camilla comes from a strict Catholic family, and loves that she does so much work with a children’s charity,’ an insider tells In Touch …

” ‘Pam thinks Camilla could be the girl Tim has been waiting for!’ “

The Page Six section of the New York Post reports that Tim Tebow and Camilla Belle have also attended church together. Apparently they share the same views about pre-marital relations.

Belle, 26, who previously dated Joe Jonas, is half Brazilian, and according to ABC News, got her first big break in show biz when she played Daniel Day-Lewis’ daughter in The Ballad of Jack and Rose (2005). Other acting credits include Push, Jurassic Park 2, When A Stranger Calls, and 1,0,000 BC, and has several films in pre-production. In 2011, she was named one of the most beautiful people in the world by People magazine.

The underperforming Jets (5-7) are in Florida to play the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars (2-10) this afternoon. Even if starting QB Mark Sanchez continues to falter, it’s unclear if Tebow or third-stringer Greg McElroy would get in the game.

Tebow, who may be mulling a career in politics after the NFL, grew up in the Jacksonville area and starred for the University of Florida Gators, so there will undoubtedly be many fans in attendance at EverBank Field with no interest in the Jags who are there mainly to see Tebow take over as Jets signal caller or make plays as a running back.

Do you think the Tim Tebow and Camilla Belle relationship is a match “made in heaven”?

[Top image credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]