Stone Cold Steve Austin Has Surprising High Praise For Mojo Rawley

At Wrestlemania 33, Mojo Rawley won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. It was quite the surprise to see Mojo get the victory on the grandest stage of them all. As a result of the big win, the WWE Universe is expecting a big push for him on SmackDown Live. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been booked to capitalize on the win, which makes his moment nothing more than an excuse for Rob Gronkowski to get involved in the ring.

A lot of people don’t see Mojo Rawley as a serious talent. He’s either fun or annoying to a WWE fan, but his wrestling career has progressed from NXT to the grandest stage of them all. There are many people who see potential in him, which includes Stone Cold Steve Austin, who had the following to say about Mojo Rawley.

“Just as far as the charisma of this guy, he’s got something…he’s got a real ease with words and I thought the way he presented them came off as organic as hell.”

There is no question that Mojo Rawley has a ton of natural charisma, and you believe what he’s saying on the microphone. If you’re a regular listener to Stone Cold’s podcast, you know how often he criticizes the powers that be for forcing WWE Superstars to read off a script rather than give organic promos. It’s understandable why he would have high praise for Mojo Rawley because everything he does is at least going to be genuine.

Mojo Rawley Had A Huge Night at Wrestlemania 33
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Mojo’s issue is the character he’s playing doesn’t seem to be getting over huge with the WWE Universe. He’s gotten himself over enough to get a good reaction, but not many people seem to think he has a big future as a WWE champion. In time, Rawley may win a mid-card title or two during his WWE career. Since his debut, he’s done a lot of work alongside Zack Ryder as a team, which has definitely helped him get over with fans.

Stone Cold has come to defend WWE Superstars who he sees are doing a good job with the material they are given. Austin just gave Jinder Mahal his stamp of approval, and he has been defending Roman Reigns for a number of years now. The Texas Rattlesnake likes to give credit where it’s due, and his opinion still carries a lot of weight with the WWE Universe even after all these years. Maybe, it will cut Mojo Rawley some slack.

Mojo Rawley Won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
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Zack Ryder has returned to WWE programming and has immediately realigned with Mojo, so their run as a tag team is expected to continue. Unless there is a major heel turn coming for one of them, there is a strong chance that Mojo and Ryder will be very successful on SmackDown going forward for the rest of the year.

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