Ivanka And Jared’s Marriage Much Better Than Her Dad’s Marriage, Says Body Language Expert

Body language expert Susan Constantine has examined the way in which Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner interact with one another, and has compared their marriage to the actions seen expressed between President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump. Whereas Ivanka and Jared were complimented in the way that they are both often seen looking at one another in loving ways, a different conclusion was reached by the body language expert when comparing the viral hand-swatting actions of Melania and the way President Trump walks ahead of his wife.

According to AOL, Ivanka appears to have a successful marriage when compared to her father’s marriage. As seen in photos like those above and below, Ivanka and Jared are oftentimes photographed holding hands or touching one another. There are times they have been captured in photographs with soft and kind looks being exchanged as Ivanka and Jared look one another in the eye. The couple is often also photographed walking side-by-side or wrangling their children in a manner that shows they both take turns carrying and caring for their children equally, notes the expert that points to photos that show Ivanka holding one child in her arms, and holding the hand of another while Jared holds the hand of a third child or vice versa.

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Constantine said that the actions prove Ivanka and Jared have a lot of respect for one another.

However, in terms of the body language displayed between President Trump and Melania, Constantine notes a much different relationship. The expert claimed that President Trump’s body language when in Melania’s presence is interpreted as Mr. Trump being the star of the show while Melania is left behind, as if Mrs. Trump isn’t as important.

Calling the relationship one of “complete discord with Melania and Donald Trump,” Constantine contrasted those actions with how Ivanka and Jared oftentimes mirror one another with synchronized gestures.

Ivanka Trump
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However, just because Ivanka is getting good news regarding the body language with her husband, it doesn’t mean Ivanka is getting good news on Twitter. When the Ivanka Trump HQ Twitter account posted a Father’s Day gift guide, folks had plenty of witty responses. Some of those replies can be read below.

“What will please my dad is not losing health insurance, have your poor excuse of a dad work on that.”

“Maybe her father will stop obstruction of justice thereby giving the country a gift Oh & could u stop your dad from tweeting. It’s annoying.”

“What’s a good gift for a dad who’s heading to prison soon? Asking for a friend… .”

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