Kim Kardashian Launches Her Own Fidget Spinner, Celebrates Father’s Day With ‘Daddy’s Girl’ Kimoji Merch

Kim Kardashian has officially jumped on the fidget spinner bandwagon with her latest Kimoji merchandise just in time for Father’s Day.

On Friday, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star teased fans with her new Kimoji merchandise to commemorate Father’s Day. The 36-year-old mother of two took to Instagram and posted several “Daddy’s Girl” products dedicated to fathers, daughters, and “zaddy.”

Kim Kardashian’s new Daddy’s Girl line features iPhone case, shirts, tank tops, sock, caps, and a keychain with a photo of young Kim, a.k.a. Little Keeks. However, what caught the attention of many is her very own version of the famous fidget spinner.

In one of her posts, Kim Kardashian proudly promoted the custom-made fidget spinner. The “Daddy Money Fidget Spinner” features a golden dollar sign-shaped spinner with the word “daddy” engraved on it.

Kim Kardashian’s custom-made fidget spinner is now available for $15.

Meanwhile, fans of the reality star quickly expressed their admiration for her marketing and product ideas, especially with the release of her own version of fidget spinner. Some pointed out that the curvaceous beauty knows how to take advantage of what’s trending and make use of it in a good way.

However, not everyone seems pleased with Kim Kardashian’s latest product. Apparently, others think that the Glam Masters star has no originality and just ride with the flow of what’s in. Some even claimed that the voluptuous reality star lacks creativity, adding that her new products are just plain boring.


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Recently, Kim Kardashian revealed some interesting details about her businesses during her interview with Steve Forbes and the Forbes Women Summit. The social media queen admitted that she is a hundred percent involved in her businesses and it is something that she’s very proud of.

The reality star also revealed that social media has played a huge role in building her brand. With a combined 180 million followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Kim Kardashian definitely has a great kickstart to promote her businesses online.

However, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star also admitted that social media also has its downside. The reality star pointed out that she continuously gets hurtful and mean comments, which affected her at some point.

“Absolutely it affects me… there could be one or two negative comments that really do affect you, and get to you. You know I’m human just like everyone else. Like things do hurt my feelings, but I think that I do have a really thick skin.”

Eventually, the reality star has learned how to turn online hatred into something that can fuel her posts more. Last year, Kim Kardashian snapped back to people calling her “a girl with no talent.” She appeared on the cover of Forbes magazine, which credited her as one of the world’s “new mobile moguls.”

According to the financial magazine, Kim Kardashian’s mobile game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, has been downloaded 45 million times and raked in a whopping $160 million since its launch in 2014.

At that time, Kim Kardashian took to Instagram and shared the cover of Forbes magazine with a self-deprecating caption, “Not bad for a girl with no talent.”

“We’ve built this brand, and I’m so proud of it. For everyone saying I have no talent, you know, I think I wrote, ‘Not bad for a girl with no talent.”’

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