Man Successfully Used Testosterone Injections For Penis Lengthening Effort, Doubled Its Size

A Pakistani man born with a rare condition that affected his body’s natural ability to produce testosterone which also, coincidentally, stopped his penis from lengthening normally as he aged, was able to ultimately double its size by injecting bottles of the male hormone directly into his bloodstream over a nine-month period.

Along with his stunted-in-growth genitalia, which doctors at the Aga Khan University in Karachi, Pakistan’s most populous city, surmised was the size of a normal 12-year-old boy’s (around 2 in. or 5 cm long), the adult male relayed to the health officials that his other reason for seeking treatment was the frustration he felt over his youthful face, which never saw much in the way of facial hair.

“The 5’7″ patient, believed to be from Karachi,” the Daily Mail reports, “initially sought medical help when he became frustrated that he couldn’t grow a beard.”

“[He] also [spoke of having] just a few armpit hairs and was relatively scarce in the pubic region,” they go on to add, and a set of testicles that doctors additionally noted as being “abnormally small” for his age.

Despite his complicated health condition, however, the man had managed to find love with a woman and was soon to marry her — which ultimately led to a new source of problems that were, as doctors soon discovered, also directly related to the patient’s lack of testosterone and small penis length.

“The man [had grown] concerned about having less erections when he woke up in the mornings,” Daily Mail writers note, “and [began noticing] absent ejaculations,” which usually signifies a reduced supply of sperm in the body.

Following a field of tests, the University workers discovered that the man suffered from male hypogonadism, a malady that directly affects the glands that secrete testosterone, also known as the “male sex hormone,” throughout the body.

“[Men] may be born with male hypogonadism or it can develop later in life, often from injury or infection,” the Mayo Clinic defines of the disease, before further explaining that some of its symptoms can indeed be effectively treated with measured testosterone injections.

testosterone penis length
A man underwent testosterone treatment in order to combat an issue that stunted the growth of his penis. [Image by Zerbor/iStock]

As for its symptoms, male hypogonadism has been known to “delay puberty or cause incomplete or lack of normal development of decreased development of muscle mass, lack of deepening of the voice, impaired growth of body hair [and] growth of the penis and testicles, excessive growth of the arms and legs in relation to the trunk of the body [and] development of breast tissue” in young men, the Mayo Clinic says.

Following nine months of monitored testosterone injections, the Pakistani patient reportedly saw his penis length double to nearly 3.7 inches while flaccid, with his testicles eventually maturing to a more age-appropriate size, Yahoo! News UK adds.

Albeit successful in their research and treatment of the Pakistani man, however, doctors have implored others not to follow suit by using testosterone for their own penis lengthening methods, whether it be for necessary or more selfish reasons, as IFL Science offers.

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