POTUS Refuses Meetings, Calls Cosby With Blessings, Claims ‘Rogue White House Senior Advisor’ Twitter Account

Now that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, along with their son Barron Trump, have made their way to Camp David, with Melania wearing a $1,257 white dress, as reported by the Inquisitr, Twitter buzz has come alive about President Trump’s schedule. More than one very popular Twitter account is claiming that President Trump has isolated himself at Camp David, without taking any meetings for the weekend. One of those Twitter accounts is positing the claim that President Trump reached out to Bill Cosby, after his most recent trial experienced a deadlocked jury. In the wake of that news, Camille Cosby’s statement gained backlash.

First up is a tweet that has gained more than 2,000 likes on Twitter from the Twitter account of Pesach “Pace” Lattin, a self-described “Jewish Humanist Rabbi & Chaplain,” who wrote that President Trump has no scheduled appointments for more than two days. The White House website reports no scheduled live events at this time.

The same buzz about President Trump allegedly refusing to take meetings has been echoed in a tweet from the Rogue White House Senior Advisor Twitter account, a popular account with more than 101,000 followers, claiming to publish insider knowledge directly from The West Wing.

The same Twitter account went on to publish a tweet alleging that President Trump called Cosby after the verdict to offer his blessings, and to tell Cosby how much Mr. Trump loves an underdog story. The Twitter account went on to claim that every member of the White House staff was advised to lawyer up by seeking their own legal counsel. According to the Rogue POTUS Staff Twitter account, which enjoys a whopping 855,000 followers, the White House staff was allegedly previously forbidden from getting their own attorneys, but now they must do so in secret.

That Twitter account corroborated the temper tantrums claimed by the Rogue White House Senior Advisor Twitter account. The Twitter account asked their followers what they believed could be coming in the future that would cause such a reaction in President Trump. As a result of their survey, most of the Twitter respondents answered that they believed a comprising tape might be the issue, with the second most popular answer being that President Trump’s tax returns might soon hit the public.

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]